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Dude I made this account like 5 years ago and all my writing was cringy af I'm so sorry


--Quick Disclaimer: I haven't watched MLP since the end of Season 4, and a little of season 5 (I think). Bare with me if things have changed, but I'm basing the setting and characters from season 4 and before---

After defeating Lord Frieza, and escaping death from the doomed planet Namek, Goku lands on a strange planet with hyper-evolved ponies, much different from the ones on Earth.
The locals bring him in to their society and nurse him back to full health, so he may return back home to his family and friends awaiting him on Earth.

Crossover between My Little Pony and Dragon Ball Z. Originally in DBZ, Goku lands on planet "Yardrat" after his battle. In this fic, Yardrat is replaced with Equestria.

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Magic and Ki are actually distinctly different in the Dragon Ball universe. Also, there's a good chance that Goku can use telekinesis similar to unicorns seeing as he can read minds and Cell and Frieza are shown to have telekinesis as a Ki ability.

7901923 Indeed. I never intended for ki and magic to be the same, but similar in some regards. The whole thing is actually quite interesting in my eyes, and I really would like to develop on it a little more in future chapters

7901923 Goku has used telekinesis in the anime's canon actually. During the veeeeery beginning of the Namek Saga (or end of the Saiyan Saga depending on your view of it) when Goku is in the hospital he uses it to try to get a drink of water, Chi-Chi makes him break focus and soak himself.

Don't these ponies know anything about biology? She thought.

Apparently neither do you.:facehoof:

7907575 Twilight says Goku is female due to his nipples. Just due to his nipples. She haven't even thought of checking further on his body parts.

PS: Sorry i'm late in answering your question. It's a good story, so keep it up.

7904978 Important note male horses don't have nipples, and since she's not a zoologist I think we can forgive her.

It looks like she's been through hell and back...

I haven't seen anything religious regarding equestria so I think it's safe to say they wouldn't say hell. Tartarus sure but not hell.

7901923 Don't forget Vegeta he did as well.

At the time she made that comment i'm pretty sure she was focusing on something else like getting him out of the way and patched up. Also this falls into when you see someone with long hair with a slender and/or curvy frame you think female. Twilight knows pony anatomy and went off of that misconceptions can be cleared up later. Plus i'm sure she realized he was male with his pants off.

Also anyone else find it odd Fluttershy is able to recognize the sex of an animal from a mile away?

Somehow I imagine that you will make him learn teleportation from the ponies. Thus outing the two fingers on his head to represent the "horn". Well, I do look forward to more of this story.

I'm guessing Starlight in the future at one point learns how to fly like Goku. A bit late, but it explains how she can self-levitate herself. Also, the Royal Treasury won't be able to satisfy Goku's massive appetite.

I was hoping for a little more reaction from the ponies during his story but its alright.

7920474 Actually Starlight is just using her magic to levitate herself. Which is not the first time since Twilight herself does so briefly to prevent herself falling down Sombra's staircase. The difference being that Starlight has enough magic reserves and stamina that would allow her to maintain passively along with the Cloud Walking spell, ( from Sonic Rainboom), and multitasking with various other spells.

Regardless Goku is not going to be in Equestria very long as he still needs to go back to Earth in the same amount of time as in the orginal storyline. Roughly a year at best. So only like first two seasons at the most. Well depending when in MLP timeline this takes place. It seems Twilight has yet to have ascend to prior Season 3 at the most.

Quick Disclaimer: I haven't watched MLP since the end of Season 4, and a little of season 5 (I think). Bare with me if things have changed, but I'm basing the setting and characters from season 4 and before---

It is alright, I think I actually prefer it, if the author isn't suddenly changing stuff in the story, just because the show does something different. Sometimes it looks actually weird and maybe forced, like the author looked for a fast solution.

This actually starts pretty nice, I already want more and hope for a soon update, it slightly looks like it might have been given up.
I have a big story I would have to catch up to, but I think I don't mind another one, the other is a Changeling story which I normally like, but some little stuff is not that perfect for me.

hhhmmmm this isn't bad, but doesn't looks like much either.

Okay that was nice and faster to read than I thought it would, but there wasn't much in it yet, so I would love to have another chapter.

This is a good story, short and sweet chapters.

He could only manage 200 cupcakes?

Pfft. Lightweight. Clearly this Goku doesn't know how to Goku! :trollestia:

8336307 That does seem lightweight. Goku can eat more than that if he wanted to. I mean, he has the stomach to eat enough food from at least three restaurants.

So glad to see you back on the website and this chapter was awesome :rainbowdetermined2:. I also think you are being a little hard on yourself because your skills haven't gotten that rusty, but that is just my opinion. Can't wait to see more chapters from you :pinkiehappy:

You're right that Magic and Ki are different, but I think it's a case of the ponies not knowing the difference when it comes to TK and such, they probably use their Ki to fuel the other, actual magic they do.

I'm really liking this story so far, the only qualm I have is I haven't really seen goku swear like that.

Very nice. I do have one concern though, will he ever learn instant transmission or something similar? It's pretty disasterous if he doesn't have that ability, as seen in MasakoX's what ifs.
I'm excited for the next chapter.

This is adorably nice. I wonder how they'll react to the Super Saiyan.

Goku's gonna break Tirek just like he did Frieza

Just like a KitKat Bar

Will other Dragon Ball characters appear in this story?

Not in Equestria at least...maybe a few cameos on Earth but definitely not in Equestria.

Pretty sure that if this goes by canon, Celestia will definitely do something stupid like say, oh, I dunno- use Discord to reform Tirek. Wait a sec, there’s a crossover where Zeno outright erases Discord.

I just pictured Zeno or Beerus just totally erasing discord thank you for that image xD

9010049 You’re welcome. Celestia should really stop relying on the Elements of Harmony all the time since they eventually became useless as of the plundervines.




Happy 80th like!


Actually, Goku could end up staying, seeing as how there is now no longer a working space pod on the planet. Hmm...though there ARE still the dragon balls...




Oh...so there IS a ship now. That works, too. ^_^ Also, INSTANT TRANSMISSION ACQUIRED!!! :D


YES!!! Now Goku can beat Tirek's ass! :D


Awesome! Really excited for what comes next!

awesome bro loving this! :) been waiting for who knows how long for a decent dragon ball crossover and you've done it

It is somewhat weird after I just had read a story where it looked like they wouldn't not "just" kill it without much effort.

Well there are weaker sayans compared to Goku and co I guess. I just hope neither he or Celestia are just OP here. I think my prefered solution would be both of them being kind of equally strong if he manage to heal completely.

"You have always been me. You think I am a demon within you, but I am merely just a manifestation of your true strength. Your true love for the night! I am not here to tell you to take over Equestria, Luna. I am here telling you to save it! You became me, because you wanted to! You've always had control over me, and you know it!"

Nightmare Moon is pretty much Luna’s Persona in all but name and I want that to be true. On a side note, no good can come from Celestia asking Discord to “reform” Tirek.

"Sister..." It spoke, "Have faith in me, for we are one. We are the same." The black aura began to retreat, as her transformation completed. Standing before them, was none other than Nightmare Moon.

It IS TRUE!!! My wish came true.


Please don't let Goku stay too weak to lose. Please bring him back to his Super Saiyan might! :)


Great chapter! I really hope to see Goku curbstomping a full-powered Tirek! :D

And with your powers combined


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