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Questions Answered! · 1:18am June 19th

A little while ago, someone asked me some questions and I was going to give them answers, but because the questions ere really good and important, I decided to write a blog because I felt that would be the best way to let everyone know!

But then school got in the way and I was unable to answer them. Luckily I'm out once and for all! So now I can answer!

"... since Cloud doesn't know who he is, will he know sooner or will Twilight does some testing on him?"

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My Stories!

Cloud's Stats! (Updates With Every Saga)

Name: Cloud

Race: Human/Saiyan

Age: 12 1/2 years

Gender: Male

Family: Goku (Ancestor)

Estimated PL: 4,200

Cloud's power level was already high due to having to survive the harsh Everfree Forest, but since his near fatal fight with the thug Orah, Cloud has since gained a Zenkai boost like any Saiyan, raising his power level immensely! Now he can take Orah on with no problem!

Super Attacks: ----

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thank you for the follow back

Thanks for the follow, I hope you enjoy my stories

Thanks for the follow.

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