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Cover done by the amazing Mondai Shunketsu!
Vectored by me!

After making it through a terrible revolt that lasted for quite a lot of years. West Galaxy is rebuilding and the hero who stopped the revolt is being sent on a peaceful campaign to make sure the rest of the worlds are beginning their own revision.

However, it seems that fate has other plans in store for him and sends him off to another universe entirely. Read on about this Journey he will take whether he wanted to or not.

Chapters (28)
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Comments ( 221 )

Continue this please I am interested to see where this will go and I am a fan of DBZ myself.

Hey can you keep him as a biped not a pony for some reason it doesn't feel right

Ill get the new chapter out within the next week thanks for reading everypony!! :pinkiehappy:

Verry good much better than the last chapter but for the love of god give him some power limitations otherwise everything is going to be killed

>>The Diabolic Gnome He hasn't even shown any power yet sure he's a super saiyan but you heard it yourself he only uses that power for emergencies but he does know Kaio Ken so I guess he may be overpowered, but that shouldn't affect the story seeing as it's not all about fighting though by the end he will gain power I won't spoil it though :pinkiehappy:

453697 I would like to point out that it is impossible for someone to learn Kaio Ken without dying first since it is a move known only to the Kais and can only be bestowed by them

453909 King Kai actually passed his teachings to earth so that they could defend themselves in Dragonball Online which is the continuation of Z since GT is filler and Gohan has passed on the teachings of ki through a book he wrote and well the rest is history

I'm working on the next chapter give me some time :D

and of course Raze asked for apples for a prize :) I'm just saiyan.

Ill be back when I can my main computer was taken away since I got in a little trouble so ill be back to update sometime I'm hoping soon but don't hold you're breath and I still haven't lost interest so don't forget this story anytime soon see you soon :c :fluttercry: :raritydespair: :applecry: :ajsleepy: :fluttershbad:

This is decent, nice idea but it could be written a little better, still like it tho

628966 Hey Batting is your avatar from Dick Figures by chance?

The chapter was good but it seemed really rushed.

677230 I know I had to rewrite it like 2 times before I thought it was right. Looking back I feel a bit disappointed :c, but its out and I'm done with it till next chapter. I'm hoping not to rush again, but I had to get this one out I felt bad being a bit behind that's all.

A..saiyan..tail? a cute and fuzzy monkey tail that makes me so jelly cause I don't have one?

Mmh I expect a Oozaru in the near future. :rainbowderp:

This chapter seemed a bit rushed.

783569 Well I think the proportions worked out fine and I dragged the fight scene out more which works out perfect to me

783134 You should be expecting an Oozaru muahahhahahahahahahahhaha

The Doctor- Use the show, Doc
Derpy- Muffin or something

I am rewatching Dragonball and I am at GT, so I can't wait for more.

:yay: :yay: :yay: YAY! A new chapter *reads*

It was a nice chapter too, And the rock hitting his head? Was that a DBZ reference to krillian hitting Goku with a rock?

Do go on with your story good sir.


Yes that was the reference and you win 500 internets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a mustache!! :moustache:

Yep first chapter I have done in months and guess what? I have so many ideas now that I can hardly wait to implement them!!! This is gonna be GREAT!!!:derpytongue2:

*does gangnam style dance when seeing this updated* YES, and now I feel like an idiot. But I am happy this is updated and and great to hear you have plenty of ideas.

Ah, finally Raze's journey is updated! For a min there when I was reading Lyra's part I thought Ken and Kira from Saiyan of Equestria (my story) was going to pop up behind her.

1499842 They could appear if you want them to!!! :D

I could see it now, like some sort of crossover within a crossover, a co-op crossover they're called I think?

Could be a potential side story. Through it have to be a Ken before he meet Discord, cause currenlt Ken just went ssj and is gonna destroy him!

1500667 I'm actually thinking of a multiverse side story and to have as many different things happen in different universes sounds amazing to me!!! :pinkiehappy:

Sounds really intersting, I wonder what universes you plan to add in? Don't add too many, else the story for it gonna go CRAZY! :derpytongue2: Wonder how my Twins (Ken and Kira) are gonna react to your char and other chars.

1500716 It can go either way... Hmmmm... Maybe they might be happy that there is another saiyan.... Or something totally different... I can't wait to jump in to it!!! I'm also thinking of doing several things where Raze goes on adventures with the Doctor and Derpy exclusively and maybe ill throw in an extra pony or something... It would be like the actual Doctor Who episodes!!! :D Which are epic in my opinion!!! :derpytongue2:

Raze, the Doctor, and Derpy try to get to earth, but the tardis get's damaged in the timestream! Sending them to another dimension of Equestria! Landing them right in front of a pair of twin saiyan hybrid children, with the tardis damaged, Raze must wait and deal with the pair of 8 year olds, how will this turn out!?

1500795 Your genius is showing!!! Now I'm sold on the idea!!! I'm going to have to read a lot and make the next two chapters for my story and I'm pumped for another universe story with the Doctor and Derpy!!! I will now continue to read your story and gain knowledge of the twins so I don't mess up when we get to the multiverse!!!!

Gonna take a while with 27 chapters! Hehe :rainbowlaugh: Hope your story goes well!

1500928 I hope so too and 27 chapters for me is like a nice 8 hour read and ill be reading through mobile too

1500928 I hope so too and 27 chapters for me is like a nice 8 hour read and ill be reading through mobile too... And I like where your story is going even if I'm just beginning

Thank you, and your story is quite nice as well. :twilightsmile:

I found this originally on FanFiction, back when I was TheAnalogKid113. But now it is here and at least 9001% cooler

1654990 It's cool to see you again man!!! I'm currently working on the next chapter as we speak!!! I'm over 7000 words!!!


That's is impressive, the best i've ever done is 2000 words

1655022 Well I'm kind of rushing the chapter a little. But hopefully it appeals to everybody!!! :D

I used this picture to determine Raze's Power Level


This would be the music used for Season 1 of Raze's Journey if it had an anime opening or any kind of opening at all

I hope you all enjoy the chapter and review please!!!! :D

HA! Friendship is Magic Bitch sequel thingy reference!

This was funny, serious, and more funny. I missed this


Here's the next piece of the story. It's only a start up chapter!! So please be nice :D


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