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i dont like you

Hey, been a while Raian. I know you're no longer in the fandom and you'll probably never respond, but I just wanted to say thank you for everything - for your story and for you being an awesome guy. Your story heavily inspired my own. And I also wanted to say sorry if I ever made it difficult for you to write, I feel a little responsible for some reason.

Any ways, I miss your story, I miss your character, and I miss you. You're really awesome. Hope to see you around again.

(Had to get this off my chest)

i need our story now! i cant wait any longer im about to...BOOM! im trying to update my story too

Haha, you used final explosion for your display picture. Its kind of sad who I can guess that so easily. I play the game too much

dude, just keep writing your stories since i check everyday here just to see if you updated, i do enjoy the humor that you put

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