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I saw, I watched, I'm a brony.

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1199669 Might post before then. I still have to write the fanfiction and get my plot down.
I'm guessing around summer of 2015, but if I finish the rough draft of my story before the end of 2014, I might post around January and February
depends how the school year goes.

Summer of 2015......That's a long time. :rainbowhuh:

1196494 I removed the story from the website because I had not planned the fanfiction out far enough. Right now I am currently trying to get my story down and hope to have it up around the summer of 2015 where I will have some time to write down all of the chapters.

I can't view your story. It requires a password? :applejackconfused:

I would like a new chapter please?:fluttercry:

Thank you for watching me for reading
Saiyan of Equestria :yay:

I also wish you luck on your story fellow DBZ writer! :moustache:

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