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Because bat ponies are the best type of ponies.

They're flipping adorable. Look at them!

You are absolutely cruel if you don't think they're at least a bit awesome.

Because of this, it is only fitting to have a whole group dedicated to these adorable, awesome species. I think they should be more canon. They're too awesome to handle.

Disclaimer: None of the bat ponies shown on the home page belong to the group whatsoever.

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Does it count if the bat pony is also a wolf?

I mean, you could probably find fanart where their wings don't look plastic, and then just mentally replace their wing:rainbowlaugh:

hello there ^^

My headcanon of bat ponies have far larger wings with substantial pockets that form at the base that go all the way to the hind end of the pony. I'm talking ten-feet wingspans. If you look hard enough, you'll find some big wingy bat pony art. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Batponies are cool but i hate those wings. They look like they are made of plastic and tacked on. Kind of like in the show but I've always wondered if they really were bats or pegasei dressed up as bats...

Now I may be a changeling, but bat ponies are the dam coolest ponies you could meet!

batpones are not the best,there the better than the best

Why are the bats so adorable?

Must resist the urge to CUDDLE!

Whenever I come onto this group on occasions, I see cute bat pony stuff! Gotta start reading the stories too, some are no doubt interesting and fun to read.


I agree!!! Bat Ponies, besides, Fluttershy and the CMC, and the best ponies:pinkiehappy::scootangel::raritywink::yay::heart:!!!

First Vamponies, and now Bat Ponies? What's next, Wolf Ponies?

Happy old year!


Oh thanks, your nice too

  • Viewing 154 - 173 of 173