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Because bat ponies are the best type of ponies.

They're flipping adorable. Look at them!

You are absolutely cruel if you don't think they're at least a bit awesome.

Because of this, it is only fitting to have a whole group dedicated to these adorable, awesome species. I think they should be more canon. They're too awesome to handle.

Disclaimer: None of the bat ponies shown on the home page belong to the group whatsoever.

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ACUBE #171 · Sunday · · ·

batpones are not the best,there the better than the best

Why are the bats so adorable?

Must resist the urge to CUDDLE!

Whenever I come onto this group on occasions, I see cute bat pony stuff! Gotta start reading the stories too, some are no doubt interesting and fun to read.

I agree!!! Bat Ponies, besides, Fluttershy and the CMC, and the best ponies:pinkiehappy::scootangel::raritywink::yay::heart:!!!

First Vamponies, and now Bat Ponies? What's next, Wolf Ponies?

Happy old year!


Oh thanks, your nice too

Okay maybe if my dog could fly i will chose it over bat ponies, maaaaaybe

I dont want a ditto disguised as my oc! I want a real bat pony! Screw my dog! It cant fly!

I want my bat pony oc as a pet

  • Viewing 152 - 171 of 171
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