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Both French and English, a part-time cybernetics fanatic and full-time batpony.

Shrine to Keith Lemon

Work in progress.

Welcome to my page!


Hello guys, I'm Glocky. You may know me off several stories, such as Savage, or even from my admin job at Bat Ponies Are Best Ponies (surprising, I know). Anyway, there isn't much to do on this page except scroll down, or if you're in a talkative mood: talking to me (or whoever else happens to be in that comments section. My advice would be either to head over to the front page, or better; to...

Actually, I think this requires a warning.

To go over and head to the group!

Seriously though, it's full of friendly ponies, try it out!

Alternatively, you could scroll down my page, occasionally play with things and maybe learn a thing or two. If you're not interested in any of those things... well, I think you know what to do.

Moderately Useless Info

I'm a mere editor, pre-reader, and proof-reader of stories. I'm also an admin for that group that I've mentioned a thousand times above, if you weren't paying any attention.

You may have noticed that I hardly write at all, with that story counter o'er by my profile's bio-box. Or not, if you're really bad at seeing things due to diseases and such. This, of course, is pretty damn true. I don't' write much, partly because I am far from proud of my own writing skills (I don't have any, I'm also particularly horrible at description) and that I lack any sort of willpower to finish anything. Have fun playing with stuff on my page, though.

Things To Know, I Suppose

I apologise for the lack of a link to the above image. If you know the creator or the link, please don't avoid telling me. I hate not giving credit when credit is due.

I'm a mere editor/pre-reader/proof-reader of pony fanfiction and I'm probably not that good at it. Actually, scratch off that 'probably' and then it would probably be much more accurate (2modest4u).

I'm English and French but not Canadian, and I enjoy reading out loud rather than reading quietly or silently. That fact probably means that I'm good at seeing what reads well, and am also very much a perfectionist (I get wound up over the tiniest of problems, seriously). A plus to that, though, is that I like uniform paragraphs and uniform SPaG.

Anyway, without further goodbyes (I hope you haven't died of boredom yet), let's get onto the boring stuff. In terms of ponyfics, I love batponies, shipping and the occasional darkfic. I mean, batponies and shipping together are fucking amazing but they're alright on their own as well. You best see "The Golden Armor Armour" by Comet Burst and "A Guard and A Princess" by TorontoFCBrony for incredible, flabbergasting, fantastic and all-round awesome examples.

Something to play with. At least, something for me to play with. Play's an odd word, too.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Le Achievements (courtesy of MarickLOA)

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What happen to hat pon

*grabs purple pom poms, megaphone, and inhales* (to the tune of Pinkie's Welcome to Ponyville song
Thank you thank you thank you, I'll throw my hooves round you!
Thank you thank you thank you, you must be good and true!
Thank you thank you thank you, I squeak hip hip hooray!
Thank you thank you thank you for the follow tooodaaayyyyyyyyy!
I very much appreciate it! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:


I bought hat DLC. This is all I got.


I already hear screaming, and wow that was quick.

Although, I have one complaint. How can a lemon Mr. "Not Until I Get My Art" lose an appendage if the lemon has lack of an attached appendage?

And before you dare commit sacrilege to Keith The Not-Actual Lemon (although I see what you did there, actual lemon) be patient. I'll get an actual lemon shrine up later, but I'll fall asleep on my keyboard if I attempt now.

I came here to thank you for following me, ya creep, but your page both lost me an appendage and caused me to have nightmares over the losing of said appendage. Expect to hear screaming from both me and my therapist.

Thanks for building a shrine to me, by the way. Looks pretty bang tidy.

1490691 No need to thank me. Thank you for giving me that info. I didn't even know that the author referenced me in the long description. I was just trying to help her out, I had no idea that she appreciated it so much.


Many thanks will be given in time if I can muster up the willpower.

If you're curious for the reason behind the follow it's because I was lucky to witness your fantastic language skills whilst editing this.

Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:


It's still asking me for the password when I hit the "Here be it" link.

So... wot do?

It doesn't suppose to have one if it's still asking when you hit enter hit me back so i can fix it. I had to comment here because opera mini didn't let me respond to your comment or pm you .

Thanks for the watch friend. ^^

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I don't know, but if you really want to waste your time, go right ahead.

*Sits by your side* Do you need comfort, poni pone? :pinkiesad2:


I've become all too much alike to Marvin the Paranoid Android. :pinkiesick:

Glocky why did you change your name? D:

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AA falling?

Burning castle, and the number 14. Can't remember what I thought it meant.

Something dark and self-explanatory.

I tend to over-think things, don't I?

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So, if you've been paying attention you've seen the folder changes I'd like to roll out. I'd like to get a few answers throughout all you lot the bas I'm bored why am I writing this the answers on how we'd all like to do this because it's totally a military operation instead of some simple administration now (out of the people's choices, ofc). So, if you would just fill in the survey-questionnaire survonnaire? because I have the time to make one:

Do you think we'd all be able to put in the effort to re-organise ALL the stories and such?
How would you want to lay it out? I was thinking:
Age Rating>Site Tag>Human/Non-Human>Story
Which timezone do you live in?
Which other questions do you wish to ask?

God, I really am bad at this...