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I forget what I wish to remember and remember what I wish to forget.


Who is Discord? We all know him as a sinister embodiment of chaos and disharmony, but what was he before that?

This is the journal he kept over the many years of his life, in which we will find a story not many know. Perhaps, in the end, Discord is not the bad guy after all.

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another winner viola.
awesome job as always and im preparing for the oh god no poor discord whilst trying not to shed manly tears.
aaaaaaaand faved.

2969780 :rainbowlaugh: Oh you... you always crack me up! Thanks again for the support and manly tears.

As long as this continues you are the best brony ever. Seriously. Making me feel feels for Dizzy. Dawwwwwww.

damnit viola i just know this is gonna kill me.

2971473 your an evil evil woman viola. why must you hurt me so.:applecry:

2971682 you keep reading BECAUSE WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!

im already a depressed freak momma's boy.
stupid good writeing.

2971682 you keep reading BECAUSE WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!

2971692. i know right?
what the hell.

2971669 you are sooooooo lucky your awesome.

I'm soooo lucky to have found this fic. None of mine are this good! I'm using it for vocab inspiration.

2971682 :duck: Oh come now, you're not THAT bad.

pardon the phrasing here but ya gota start punching me in the crotch shortly before i gota sleep for work.


I'm sad because I know his mom is gonna die...:raritycry:

Love them all so far! Its cute! I Wonder what's next.

2972721 :trollestia: Tia is going to act like even more of a jerk... you'll see.

2973215 Thanks. :twilightsmile: I'll try and write more today.

2972870 :pinkiesad2: It's true. She totally will.

That... that hit me right in the feels. That was fucked..
I love it...

i always hated her.

you are evil.
holy shit saaaaaaaaaaad!

Whyyyyyyy. Why is Dizzy's life so sad?! Why can't he be HAPPY FOR ONCE!

But great work on punching us all in the guts and ripping out our hearts with your amazing writing skills. XD

2975110 :yay: I bask in the feels! But thanks.

2975165 :trollestia: I am just evil that way. Thank you!

2975218 Evil pony. Run away!

I love you. And hate you. Dizzy the Orphan. Tia and Lulu better be nice to him. (An yes, ma nickname for Luna is lulu.)

2975322 :raritydespair: It is quite sad.

And I think I might just use Lulu in the story if you don't mind!

2975328 Go ahead, I grant you permission my amazing Flame of Inspiration. I ask only that you continue to write, and post, and be 20% cooler than any other Brony. *brohoof*

2975338 :twilightsmile: *brohoof* Pegasisters unite!

luna is best pony princess and demigod. make her mean and ill...... ill...... cry ALOT.

2975519 Don't worry... Luna is going to be the only nice pony. Tia... well, Tia... is a jealous jerk. :trollestia:

So adorable and very sad i shall favorite this to see where it is going :pinkiehappy:

ow ow ow ow ow the feels burn!! :raritycry:

2976268 :twilightsmile: Glad you... enjoy it? :twilightblush: Sorry about them feels.

2976299 *sniffles* its fine...:fluttercry: i forgive you... keep up the good work please...

Hehehe. Great Ideas, I don't know where you get them from. Certaintly not me, awake at 2:12 AM buzzed on coffee trying to finish a fimfic story.

2976951:rainbowderp: 2:12? Dear Celestia, I can hardly make it past midnight. Good luck with your story! :pinkiehappy:

2976955 Thanks, you American by any chance?

2976971 :eeyup: Eeee-nope. Canada born and raised. Are you?

2977020 English, Born and Raised. It's 2:40 where I am. <<Get it AM

I'm terrible at jokes. Ella has crashed. System failure. Initiate Sleep sequence. Fwooop!

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