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Corah Il Cappo

The local crotchety old man with little or no redeeming value.


Discord · 11:17am Aug 21st, 2018

Anyone who still follows me here can hit me up on Discord if you like.

Corah Il Cappo#6780 is the name. Feel free to shoot me a messsge.

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I generally do not do collab work. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, and am well known for my frequent streaks of inactivity in terms of writing. I wouldn't make a very good partner for such a project. sorry!

Just finished reading "The Monster We Made", I have to say it was most impressive! I especially liked how each scenario was from another's perspective.

I was wondering, do you co-write? I've been preparing a story involving POV chapters and I could use someone with your talents!

That's definitely the more fun way to have BlueBlood. But, if he reformed, I think it would be like Discord's "reform". It would be half assed :rainbowlaugh:

As for the story... I thought it was very interesting (in a good way). Blueblood being the Ambassador made me laugh, but at the same time, it made complete sense! :twilightsmile:

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