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"I am the Aloof Hermit, the Lord of the Empty Seat. I am the Alpha and the Omega"

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Gender: Male
Age: 27
Musical Preferences: Rock
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Formally known as "DarknessRising". I've became a Brony soon after I watched Starscream VS Rainbow Dash on Death Battle. Ever since then I've happily watched every single episode!
Lantern Corps Affiliation: Sinestro Corps (Fear)

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New Gold Tier Story: One Wrong Ingredient · 10:42am Last Thursday

Quick update: a new story has been updated to the Gold Tier Folder my pay-to-read accounts (it's NSFW, you have been warned):

One Wrong Ingredient:

Series: Haiyore! Nyaruko-chan

Dead-set on getting some "satisfaction" from Mahiro, Nyaruko attempts to use a special potion to get him "in the mood". Unfortunately it ends up ingested by everyone, resulting in it backfiring on her in the worst way possible...

Read More

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Stories By Me:

Story Ideas up for grabs!

So yeah, there are several story ideas I have but very little time to execute properly, and I've been hoping that someone would take interest in them. So here are the links, if anyone is interested in one of them, please PM me!




Ideas Taken:

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ESparity VS The Future!
Spike and Rarity wake up to a shocking surprise.
FlameMist · 8.6k words  ·  55  11 · 3.6k views

[Adult story embed hidden]

[Adult story embed hidden]

[Adult story embed hidden]

EParadise island
Our three magicians are shipwrecked. Will they survive in this island of love?
Furious Thestral · 12k words  ·  38  7 · 1k views

[Adult story embed hidden]

EChildren of Sparity
On a trip to the Crystal Empire, three young draconi accidentally transport themselves back in time and must now find away back while carefully making sure not to change the future in any way.
Illumipony · 10k words  ·  66  8 · 2.1k views
TFlutter Mane-ia
When the Mane Six accidentally get trapped in the Castle of the Two Sisters with a wickedly evil spirit, crazy things begin to happen. Will any of them be able to make it out in one piece? Story idea by Darkness Rising.
Emerald Skysoar · 16k words  ·  74  0 · 1.9k views
EReturn of the Bats!
Even after Twilight's spell, Fluttershy still finds herself transforming at night. But instead for apple juices, she wants blood.
DisUsernameScreamsKhaos · 8.2k words  ·  101  11 · 4.3k views

[Adult story embed hidden]

EDiscord's Birthday Gift
Discord gets Pinkie Pie a special gift for her birthday. For one day, the hyperactive party pony gets to have...HIS powers.
UniqueSKD · 4.6k words  ·  415  21 · 4.6k views
TPower Ponies: Heroes of the Next Generation
When the Power Ponies go missing, it's up to their children to take up the superhero mantle to save them and the world!
N7_Spartan117 · 20k words  ·  64  9 · 2.5k views

[Adult story embed hidden]

Favorite Ponies!

Favorite Princess:

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The trait of loyalty is hard to witness, for loyalty is defined purely as a succession of trials. Seldom does loyalty arise as a byproduct of uplifting moments, prosperous partnerships, or spontaneous adulation. It is only shown under the light of trying times. Struggle. The final line of defense when all else is lost, when no logical reason to continue fighting exists, where nothing is holding beyond the unwavering thread of raw loyalty, binding you to press forward.

Loyalty is tough.

But loyalty is worth it.

It doesn't care how small you are...

...Only how big you aspire to be.

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Fluttercord :



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Thank you for the favorite.

How is your alternate Assassinverse story going along? Any progress in the next chapter?

Thank you for another favorite.

Thanks for the favorite and bookshelf add! :twilightsmile:

Thanks a bunch!!!:pinkiehappy:
now i'll stop bothering you & finally have some peace of mind😴

Yes it is based on that specific artwork.

So...was that response a yes or no to my question.
i want more detailed answer, please!?

To the author - hello👋 i'm fan of Dr Sharaz Jek's fic called i dream of succubi & have a question regarding flash sentry's incubus form having black hair... did u take inspiration from this artist (on DeviantArt. link here - www.deviantart.com/ro994/art/Hey-there-Midny-767202416) or is it just pure coincidence?

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