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"I am the Aloof Hermit, the Lord of the Empty Seat. I am the Alpha and the Omega"

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Gender: Male
Age: 27
Musical Preferences: Rock
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Formally known as "DarknessRising". I've became a Brony soon after I watched Starscream VS Rainbow Dash on Death Battle. Ever since then I've happily watched every single episode!
Lantern Corps Affiliation: Sinestro Corps (Fear)

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The trait of loyalty is hard to witness, for loyalty is defined purely as a succession of trials. Seldom does loyalty arise as a byproduct of uplifting moments, prosperous partnerships, or spontaneous adulation. It is only shown under the light of trying times. Struggle. The final line of defense when all else is lost, when no logical reason to continue fighting exists, where nothing is holding beyond the unwavering thread of raw loyalty, binding you to press forward.

Loyalty is tough.

But loyalty is worth it.

It doesn't care how small you are...

...Only how big you aspire to be.

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Rise of the Serpent Queen:

Eons ago, a powerful Lamia Queen ruled over the lands, but eventually was eventually sealed away in a powerful artifact.

1000 years later, said artifact is found by a young filly my the name of Apple Bloom. Influencing her from with her prison, the Queen plans to restore her empire through her, by any means necessary...

Warning: NSFW

Read Chapter 2 here!

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Stories By Me:

Story Ideas up for grabs!

So yeah, there are several story ideas I have but very little time to execute properly, and I've been hoping that someone would take interest in them. So here are the links, if anyone is interested in one of them, please PM me!




Ideas Taken:

A Lover's Reincarnation by Cartoonlover13

Sparity VS The Future! by FlameMist

The Beast Within by Lone

The Side Effects of Molly by Gold4tune

My Little Sirens: Songs of Seduction by Harms Way

Paradise Island by Furios_Thestral

My Little Orgy: Debauchery Is Magic by kainofthesand

Children of Sparity by Illumipony

Flutter Mane-ia by Emerald Skysoar

Return of the Bats! by WhisperingNight

Mind Over Mane-Iac by Darkryt Orbinautz

Discord's Birthday Gift by UniqueSKD

Power Ponies: Heroes of the Next Generation by N7_Spartan117

Something Something Chaos by EXOLIEF

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It's going. New job is really demanding, leaving me with much less free time than before. I dreamed I was drowning in numbers last night, and not even the fun dream way. My writing days are set in such a way that's inconvenient to MLO2, since I don't want my parent's catching me. Mostly I'm just tired and adjusting to this new stage in my life.

Thanks for adding Sometimes Revenge is Good to your favorites!:twilightsmile:

thanks for the favorite

First, I'll PM the list, and then we'll go from there.

A clop fic that might involve a fetish or two

I probably asked this before, so I apologize in advance, but would you be willing to read an idea for a fic?

Thank you so much for adding Through the Eyes of Anon-a-Miss to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave for my "Nopony Interrupts My FRIENDSHIP SPEECH, Starlight Glimmer!!" and adding it to your "comedy gold" folder!

Glad you liked it, and was there any one or two things in particular that stood out that you liked?

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