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Everybody knows the story of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, from the time they got the Elements of Harmony, to the point where they co-founded the first Council of Harmony.

But every story must end, and every ending is a beginning, and this beginning is for their children. This is the story of the first great adventure of Starburst, Prism Bolt, Anthea, Turquoise Blitz, Crystal Clarity, Golden Delicious and Cotton Candy, as they embark on a journey to save Equestria from a new threat!

Based on the wonderful characters created by the talented Kilala97. Go and check out these links for info about these characters:

Kilala's Next Gen
All Next Gen Trivia

Cover Art by bico.

Co-written with Hidden Scorpius XI.

TRIGGER WARNING: This universe supports Flashlight, so if you are still hurting over your lost waifu, then turn back and leave. No need to be hating on here.

Chapters (7)
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Comment posted by Sky Blue CMC deleted Sep 9th, 2014

Cool, I once wrote a next generation fic as well, yours is just as good :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Lanceblazer17 deleted Nov 29th, 2014

Coming back to read later-got to wake up real early tomorrow


This universe supports Flashlight, so if you are still hurting over your lost waifu

What's that favorite's list? You like the cut of this author's jib? Why so do I!

This is Grogar, if anyone wants to know.
He's a villain from a previous generation.

I love this story. I hope more chapters are published soon. I do hope though Star eventually gets to spend time with her mom. I don't think that is going to happen though until the end. Good luck.

4971972 Better than the old version of Tirek in my opinion. That guy is STILL on my top villains of MLP list. Right up there with King Sombra.

High Prince Flash Sentry,

Technically, he'd be a "Prince Consort," like Shining Armor.

The magic that you girls received from the Three of Harmony

They better watch out. Grogar may have found the Ace of Harmony! :derpytongue2:

This is very well done. I really love Kilala's little world, and future fics in general have a special place in my heart. I can't wait to read more! :ajsmug:

Dinky Doo

*Writes fic where he metions Dinky becomes a teacher. Finds a fic with the excat same idea.*

Did you steal my brain?:pinkiecrazy:

Thanks a lot.

Don't "First comment!", it's of bad taste, and you were actually the third. I wouldn't compare it with EQG, but thanks for the compliment.

No problem.


What's that favorite's list? You like the cut of this author's jib? Why so do I!

:rainbowderp:... I'm gonna assume that that was a possitive response for that little "Take that Flash haters" :twilightsheepish:

Thanks so much for the visual aid.

:pinkiegasp: SPOILERS! :twilightoops:

That's good, I suppose.

I didn't pick that tittle, though the "3 of Harmony" was indeed my mistake. Glad to have you abboard, sir.

:rainbowderp:... Maybe:pinkiecrazy:

4979204 It was. I love the story and Kilala's characters.

4971972 Ugly! He makes Tirek look like a super model. :rainbowlaugh:

But if Grogar actually returns in FiM, this whole story will be null and void!

4997489 That's why it's in the 'Alternate Universe' category.

Lovin the dragon ball referenc

5143086 "I would've sealed him in a rice maker, much more humiliating." 
King picolo was sealed in a electric rice cooker in dragon ball

5145960 Good to see somebody got that joke.

"I would've sealed him in a rice maker, much more humiliating." Discord proclaimed before snapping his fingers, turning the image to show said appliance rattling in place with angry screams being heard from inside.

Did somepony make a Dragonball?

i knew I liked this story.

Claire said, understanding very well what concerned his little brother.

That's an amusing little hiccup considering that Claire is T's big sister.

"Huh, I thought only Discord could do that." Pinkie mumbled.

"Huh, I thought only Discord could do that." Pinkie mumbled.

Repeat. You might want to look through all the chapters and see if you can find any other errors, just to be on the safe side. Also I think you should look into having someone proofread your work before posting, or wait a day or so with the story saved on word document and look through it before posting (it will help with finding errors on your own).

"Is it some ancient villain from one thousand years ago again?” Rainbow asked, earning a few confused looks from her friends. “What? Am I seriously the only one who noticed that?”

I know right...good job author i'm totally not the only one.

5574431 No, my co-writer is just having a little trouble with RL right now.

For some reason I was expecting Star Trek when I clicked on this story :rainbowlaugh:

Co-writer here. This chapter was supposed to end on the part where Grogar traps the Council of Harmony. everything after that was supposed to be on the next chapter, and thus it isn't ready.

EDIT: D-Man fixed it.

Wow. IT seems like the major battle is about to begin. Great job. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Don't keep us waiting too long though.


Fixed it, sorry about the mix-up everyone...

5038148 5091779 5290036 5145960
I'll be honest here, I didn't knew it was a DBZ reference, and I'm co-writing this.

So? What's the hiccup?
It is fixed, apparently. Don't know why DR didn't notify it to you

Well, Rainbow seems to notice when writers stick to their comfort zone. Like in the S5 premiere, she tought the villaing would be a monster of some kind, and she was right... kinda. Of course, this chapter was written before S5 premiered.

Like DR said, I was having some personal issues. But it updated now.

5873974 5875305
Sorry to burst your bubble, but this story holds no relation with Star Trek.

So wait, you want to jump to the climax on the next chapter? What kind of cheap writer do you think I am we are?
I'll try to prevent my personal problems from hindering the progress of the next chapter, but I don't promise anything.

No, it certainly is not.

And to everybody, thanks for sticking around. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Next time, we'll have more focus on the kids.

5879606 You can never kill my dreams of having Patrick Stuart narrate MLP!

Nighty on the table, both of them with a plate of waffles in front of them.

I think you meant to say "and Nighty at the table, both with a plate" I think you meant to say "and Nighty at the table, both with a plate"

"Wait, that's Nightmare Moon?!" Prism whistled. "Wow, Nidra's Mom looked hot when she was evil-OW!"

That awkward moment when you look at an old yearbook and find out your and your friend's parents were young and hot once.

Comment posted by SentryForge223 deleted Aug 24th, 2015

Nice chapter. I'm glad about the update. Good luck with the next part. I'm am surprised how quickly canterlot was taken. Good job Grogar.

Co-writer here:

Well, at least those aren't naked pictures. :rainbowlaugh:
Wait... :rainbowderp:

Let me help you out, since it appears that you are lost.

The villain of this story is called Grogar, and he is a blue ram.

The villain of the Season 4 Finale of MLP:FiM is called Tirek, and he is a red and black centaur.

Both of them are from the G1 MLP series waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the '80s. These are two, VERY different characters.

Bottonline is, Tirek is not in this story and we haven't suggested at any moment that he is or will be in the story. Why did you have that idea is beyond my understanding.

You have to remember, that the Equestrian Guard was never very good at "catching curveballs" in canon. They need a captain that can think up of contingencies for "abnormal situations". :derpytongue2:

Interesting. Do the half-dragons have hooves, claws, or a combination of both?

6626942 Ah. So are the claws made of keratin, like hooves are? Or are they made out of whatever Spike's claws are?

An interesting mechanic, by the way, at least in regards to a half-dragon. The claw can act like a hand, and yet like a hoof too.

Hooves, Claws, Talons, Feathers, Fins, Fingernails, Hair, etc. are all made of the same material, which is keratin, yes.

6626958 So they're hard, unfeeling, and unbending.

They're kinda like hoof-claws.

Which one do you think is it, though? :raritywink:

That was great. Two elements down, four to go. This is going to be fun.

4971972 wait if that's Grogar does that mean Rams and other sheep are dare I say CANON

4971972 Isn't that, that thing Silver Quill keeps referencing in his videos?

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