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Hey all you peeps out there! I love MLP, and the "kilalaverse", as you all like to say. I also have a deviantART profile, located HERE: http://fireflight-101.deviantart.com/


Starburst, daughter of Princess Twilight Sparkle, soon meets Creme de la Creme, a mare who has come to Ponyville to visit Starburst's friend Golden Delicious. Starburst soon grows to dislike Creme. But she doesn't know why.

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Nice story to be honest. I do think it needs a few more chapters. You set up a very interesting problem, now the question is what will happen next. The Grammar was good, and I loved your writing style. Good luck with the next story.

Looking good so far. I really want to learn more about Creme. Keep up the good work

4977963 Why thank you. I do assure you there will be more chapters, since I love writing about these characters. And I agree, it definitely needs more to feel complete :twilightsmile:.

No freaking way. Man, Del does not need to be in that situation. I wonder how long till everypony catches on.

Keep writing this,I'm interested about what will happen next...........the conflicts are just too damn strong

4990448 Haha yeah. Good thing Del was there, or some very foul words would have come out of Creme's mouth.

Nice chapter. At least Star no admitted she like Del. That is progress. Good luck with the next chapter.

Great job with your first story. I was nice and fluffy. Good luck with future stories.

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