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Novice writer lost in a world of ships. Contracted with the US Army. Honestly no one of consequence.


June · 12:13pm Feb 14th, 2019

I’m alive. And I’m coming back. I’ve made a lot of promises and broken them just as much, and for that I’m sorry.

But yeah, June.

Stay Awesome


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Thanks for the fave of Weight of Responsibility! :eeyup:

Hey on your in love and war you said your have trouble do you have a proofreader?

Comment posted by Bright0Night deleted Dec 16th, 2014

1436188 What ever makes you say this? I thoroughly enjoy it. I haven't been on fimfiction in a while; busy with school and such. But I think your writing is fine

Don't let anyone tear you down because you may not meet their standards. You know what matters most about writing? That you please yourself. Others finding enjoyment is a bonus.

Stay awesome


RDD, does my writing suck?:fluttercry:

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