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After a long stretch of time, Soarin is finally able to get to talk to Rainbow Dash (with the persuasion of some friends). They spend time together, and he finally realizes that he might have a chance to be with the pony of his dreams. But when the threat of war begins to hang over Equestria, will they be able to maintain their new feelings, or be swept away in the fighting?

So this is my first fanfic. Ever. I appreciate all constructive criticsm, sugggestions, questions, etc. This story will take time to develop into the war story, so just be patient. Also, if you give a thumbs down, please say why. I am not a writing expert, so I am always looking for ways to improve!

Some language, violence later on. Don't worry, I got this whole thing planned out :)

EDIT: Credits to my Creative Consultant and Co-Author Wingstream, both for his character and for the fantastic cover art.

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It's a thumbs up for me! XD

What I liked the most was the bantering; it reminded me of back in High School where my friends and I would tease each other. I know it's stupid, but it gave me some nostalgia XD

Also, I was a bit confused at the Inn part, do you mean Inn as in hotel? Or restaurant? Because I normally refer to Inn's as hotels. Sorry, English is not my first language, even though I've spoken it for most of my life, there are still words out there that should be pretty obvious but I still have to look up xD

The favorite button works!

Not sure why Rainbow Dash would have problems doing the sonic rainboom again, but I couldn't get why she had problems in the first place. The sonic rainboom is just weird that way. :rainbowderp:

Of course, I'm going to have to kill Soarin', because Rainbow Dash is mine! :pinkiecrazy:

11 likes already! Thanks everyone! I was really nervous about you guys' reaction, so the likes really help.

3175488 The inn is more of a restraunt than a hotel. I probably should have clarified more.

3176234 Yeah, Dash doesn't get why she is having trouble either. That is why she gets so mad after leaving AJ.

I must say...
This is a good story...
Me like...

umm check the last sentence.
is that soppoesed to be there

How did that get there?:rainbowhuh:

Oh well, fixed now!

"Come on Soarin; spit it out"

Sounds like me...
When my friends have a hard time talking or stammer or something...
I just scream;


Comment posted by Rainbow_Danger_Dash deleted Sep 22nd, 2013

3238428Yeah, looking back it kinda is....but again, first fanfic ever. Hopefully, I will get better as the story continues.

But thanks for the support Neko. Glad you are liking it.

Pinkie's eyes are blue.

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad mare
To be the sad mare
Behind blue eyes!

"Coming Dawnguard," came the faint reply. Dawnguard turned around and watched as Swordwind's form materialized out of the dust.

He better hunt vamipres:facehoof:

Ahh, dang it! I was thinking of names that sounded militaristic but still pony-ish, and that is what popped up. No wonder why it sounded familiar.:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

Do changelings count? The got the teeth for it...

When was TV invented in Equestria?

3259523 I knew this would be coming and here is my logic behind it:

Yes, Equestria does have the medieval look to it. But, there are also aspects very 21st century. I doubt many knights had stereo systems back in the 1500s. (Referring to Vinyl Scratch here). You also got the announcer in the episode "Sonic Rainboom" with a microphone. And not all their trains are pulled by ponies (the one in the intro isn't.) So I reckoned that Equestria had more of a mixture of our modern and medieval technology. Since Equestria is more focused about keeping peace and harmony, their technology would reflect that view. Thus, TV would be possible, because it is not typically used for violence. I figured that is why you don't see the Equestrian Guard running about with rifles and tanks. Less military funding....

Ok, off my soapbox now. Hope that explains why I put televisions in there. Figured that was better than an "they're ponies, they can have whatever" answer. If this doesn't explain fully, just ask and try to go more in-depth


since I started reading fanfic about 2 months ago I have read about 500 ish fanfics and on my list of best fanfics this comes second so far

3271353. Wow. Thank you. That actually means a lot to me. It really does. Its nice to see that you like my story that much. Thank you

This is really interesting so far. I thought it would be kinda cheesy, but I'm glad I gave it a chance. It has really interesting scenes! Keep up the good work.

3285987 It really was at first, now that I look over it. But thanks for staying with me here.

Ok, so quick update, I hit a massive writers block. Progress is extremely slow, especially with me having to do loads of scholarship and college applications. And 3 AP (college level classes) on top of that. But, I will try to finish up chapter 6 in a week or two. Hopefully.

Until then, stay awesome!


3297646 No problem. I know how you feel. I have an honors class that's driving me insane with work.

3297696 Fun, isn't it? *sarcasim activated*

Honestly, I used to work on it at night, but I have been so run down recently that I just fall asleep instead. No time to work on this with school!

Thumbs up for me. What's the next chapter gonna be about?:unsuresweetie::trixieshiftright:

3374338 Sorry. No spoilers. That would ruin all the fun. But I am glad you are liking it!

So quick updat on my chapters, Number six rough draft is FINALLY done! Now I just got to move it on to editing and then it will be posted hopefully in the next few days. I know I said this before, but Calculus had stopped me for a while there. Chapter 7 and 8 are also in writing phase. (That's how I write. If I hit a block, move to the next chapter. After all, I have this somewhat planned)

Stay Awesome!


This is suspenseful man, I love it

This is INTENSE!
I love it

Well done on the new chapter!

Still can't get over the fact that you put television in this fanfic. It's just something I don't see existing in Equestria. Do some of the socially awkward ponies watch My Little Person on it?

3387999 Haha, maybe...

But really, the one reason I needed it there was for this chapter. I needed a way for the word to get out fast. And that was the best way. I toyed around with a couple ideas before, but television worked best. Hopefully, it doesn't ruin the story for you (which it doesn't look like it, seeing how you've read this far). However, I am trying to avoid it's use in Chapter 7. So far, so good.

On another note, thanks for the positive comments from all of you. I was aiming for suspense, and apparently it worked. Thanks!

Stay Awesome

Love It!!!Great story and i really want to know more?:pinkiehappy::raritycry::pinkiesad2:

3395881 Thanks! Chapter 7 is slowly coming along, I scrapped most of my initial work that I had done during the CH. 6 writing block because I didn't like how it was written. Same plot line, I just have to reword it...and add a lot more

Hope the next chapter comes out! I am dying to to read it soon.:raritydespair::fluttershbad:

>>>>>>> Rainbow_Danger_Dash

3422808 Getting there! I have two paths for this story, and need to choose which one to go on. Also, I was busy busy busy all last week, doing retakes and make-up work before first quarter ended. And writing scholarship essays left me brain fried on my normally writing-filled weekends.

Also, as I said before, I ended up trashing most of 7 due to the fact that I wrote it about two months ago, and it was not nearly as good as I have been doing. So, same plot line, but completely rewritten at the same time. But I will get it done! I hate leaving ya'll in the dark like this.

Stay Awesome


3459510 Thanks! Current objective is to be done with the next chapter by AT MOST Thanksgiving timeframe. Hopefully I will be done before then, but I have a crazy schedule. Still, I got a large chunk done earlier today, so that's good.

how busy are you?

stay on track

Well, colour me impressed! You've really outdone yourself Danger! I love it! Keep em' coming! :pinkiehappy:

3464013 I just got done with a Karate tournament, and my next two weekends are occupied by a college overnight visit/scholarship competition and Boy Scout trip. Fortunately, I got the end of seven done on Friday, and am workin on the middle chunk as this is posted. So 2/3 of the way done. At least I got all my major scholarship essays done. I should have some more time to write.

3468513. Thanks! I'll try to keep the chapters going!

Stay Awesome



i mean how have you been?

3480284 I'm coming along. I am trying to get wording in some parts just right, and still got about three or four more sections (the parts marked off by the dashed lines ------) to go. I'm sorry for the slow progress. But I am glad to see you taking an active interest in my story. It means a lot to me.

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