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Happy Chocolate-Hearts Day! For HONOR! · 8:14pm February 14th

Hey everyone, Erised here.

Normally Valentine's day never really meant a whole lot to me (being the cynical, lonely nerd that I am). But I wanted to take the time to shout out to the brony fandom, or at least the small number of people I reach with these holiday-ly blog posts.

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Stories I have read and found to be so great that I would read them over and over again. (Favorites)

More stuff that I found I liked.

  • "Go Buck Yourself" Coco Pommel finally stands up for herself, and in the best possible way. by Fire Gazer the Alchemist 1,895 words · 8,020 views · 1,063 likes · 13 dislikes
  • Bonafide Bon Bon and Lyra's life together in Ponyville was perfect - and then Bon Bon showed up. by Sharp Spark 11,111 words · 17,982 views · 1,755 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Cotton 'n Greg It's been a few months since Greg left the hive to be with the love of his life, Cotton Candy. For now, all seems to be going well: too bad fate has other things planned for them. by kildeez 5,925 words · 3,600 views · 190 likes · 4 dislikes
  • My Little Lovestruck: Love is Magic Like Princess Celestia had Twilight Sparkle as her apprentice, Princess Cadence has an apprentice of her own: Lovestruck, a pony who has a knack for knowing love when she sees it. Will Lovestruck be able to fully understand the magic of love? by Harmony Charmer 32,120 words · 1,907 views · 466 likes · 16 dislikes
  • Vinyl and Octavia Eat Cereal and Nothing Happens Vinyl and Octavia sit down and eat some breakfast cereal. Nothing ensues. by Bootsy Slickmane 1,538 words · 3,164 views · 373 likes · 4 dislikes
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You get this for your reaction to my "pleasure myself" comment!:trollestia:

I wish you hadn't outright deleted your Skyrim crossover/fusion. If I hadn't gotten lucky and found your profile, then finding the rewrite when it gets posted would have been pretty difficult.

Grats on the feature box!

1788458 Thanks! And I do love changelings, so much possibility in those little guys.

You've just earned a follower! Congratz! Why? Because changelings are awesome! That's why!

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