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"Come on Anon. The crystal ponies are celebrating Freedom Day!"

"What's that, another festival? Don't you guys have one of those like every other week?"

"This one's special though. It's been one year since the defeat of King Sombra, so the ponies are going to celebrate their victory."

"Oh... so it's like the Fourth of July."

"The what of what?"

Just a quick story for the Fourth of July.

Featuring Fem Anon for no reason.

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Happy Freedom Day! let us dance!

Pffft, Ha! Nice speech selection there.

Um... Erised... you do reallise that the King of England had no say in what happened in the colonies when the war happened, right? Parliament was to blame because they got rich off the labor of the Colonials. The King actually didn't like the amount of taxes but he couldn't do anything because Constitutional monarchies.

"Come on Anon"

You, uh. You did something there.

7368842 Well now I do.
Question is, do you realize I wrote this in one afternoon after doing "research" on a Wiki page for like... 3 minutes?

This is a shitty one-shot that was rushed as hell. It's not a documentary.

Also, I'm not a history teacher. I'm an asshole.

I appreciate the historical accuracy, but I think you're giving me more credit than I'm worth.

Well in my opinion as an American ( add hate at any time). Even if this piece was rushed not researched or even slightly convoluted. It still managed to capture the essence of the American 4th of July Through The Eyes Of The Casual Observer. The battle for Independence and United sovereignty from a tyrannical government. so good job and a thumbs up and a fave from an honest to whatever (Sorry I don't believe in God) Patriot.

"Let's just drop this, okay?"

Most mature handling of similar topics I have yet seen! +10 respect. :moustache:

hypothetical sheep-napping for sheep napping aside


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