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Hellllllooooooo Hive Mind! DWC here to bring you The Life of a Wanted Changeling Series group! This group is dedicated to discussing theory's about the series, posting thoughts about the latest chapter, post fan art, and add your own fan stories! Anyling can join! So come on down, shush the evil voice in your head, don't get distracted by that distraction, curse Lady Luck, and bring on the funny!

Rules are as follow:
1. No clop
2. Please only discuss things about stuff relating tho the fic
3. Have fun and Curse Lady Luck!

Oh, and a banner and group art would be very nice to have by the way!

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Yeah that’s right. I’m extremely late to the party.

1st comment in 5 years. Yay?

1st comment in 5 years. Yay?

So apparantly I tried to make Bugze (spa transformation) in ponyLumen, but there were flaws. I couldn't upload it to FiMFiction, so it is now my avatar.

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382347 Someone make a spinoff about that...

Hey guys what do ya think will happen in chappie 59?

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What if . . . . . .

Fallout Equestria:
- teliport into a Fo:E
-already a character in Fo:E

traveling the mutiverse

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