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Hi, I'm The Brown Dog. I'm a Dog and I'm Brown. That's about it...What? Did you think there'd be more? Because there isn't...So...Yeah. You can stop reading this now.


Delay: I hate my job. · 5:13am Monday

Hey, Chapter's late already and will be for a few more days as I've not had a day off in three weeks and last three days have worked back to back doubles :pinkiesick:. Gonna catch up on sleep and relaxation first. Hope you understand.

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:pinkiehappy: Thanks for favoriting my story.


And don’t worry, the story isn’t going anywhere.

Not yet I haven't, but anything with the Stooges, sign me up :pinkiehappy:

Have you ever read a fanfic that I made called “From Repair to Despair”?

Thanks a bunch for the favorite on There's A Timber Wolf In My Cubicle!

  • Viewing 57 - 61 of 61
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