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Birthday · 6:56pm Jul 5th, 2023

It’s my birthday yay

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"Just tell 'er!" Granny Smith snapped. Granny Smith might have been on her Death Bed, but she wasn't going out wasting breath being subtly on a thick-skulled pony.

"Huh?" Rainbow Dash replied confused.

"Just tell'er dagnappit! Ah've seen this here dance a thousand times! Two ponies wanna be together but never say anything because 'we're too shy!' 'what if they don't like me?' 'we don't wanna spoil our special friendship' ... kay, that last one was said mostly to brush ponies they only tolerated... If yer gonna say ya feel that way! TELL ER ALREADY DANGNABBIT! I had to go through this already with Apple Bloom and Tender Taps! Don't waste time lookin' for that 'perfect moment!' Just go and tell her!"

"I'm... I don't know..."

"And ya got about twenty seconds before Coloratura tell'er first."

"WHAT?!" Rainbow zoomed out of there.

"Works every time." Granny Smith laid down and rested.


Rainbow Dash goes to Granny Smith for some advice about a certain mare she likes. :ajsmug:

Describe in one sentence a drabble you'd want to see written.

is it possible if you could tell me when the next chapter for "of fire and death" is coming?

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