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When a madman re-arranges your life, shakes up your species and gender, and damages prisons that the twin rulers of Equestria put in place centuries ago, that easily qualifies as a bad day. Finding that there's no way home makes an even worse one.

But as I've come to live and explore this world of multicolored ponies, I've discovered that the world is not what I've come to expect. Equis is far more horrible, and yet far more wonderful than the show ever portrayed.

But this is my life now, and all there is is to make the best of it. With a little help from my friends.


This group is a repository for all stories set in the universe Skitchverse, an open universe where an alternate Equestrian history collides with a human in Equestria concept. It's a setting of pulp action and adventure, where the evils of the world are opposed by heroic creatures, aiming to do what is right.

Read the stories, hang out on the forums, and enjoy! We're a friendly group here.

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Skitch-Sketch is a very interesting unicorn mare OC.

I had it in my mind that I was already a member for years (I just joined). No wonder that I keep missing the new stories uploaded to the group —— ¡I did not get group notifications because I am not a member of the group!

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