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What if, one morning, you woke up as something you weren’t?

And what if, as time went on, you could hear the pony(or gryphon, or changeling, or dragon, as the case may be) whose body you had entered?

We’re a group focused on collaboration between a myriad of authors of various skill levels and ages, taking place within what has been dubbed the “PonyEarthVerse”. If you want to get involved, first visit the pony claimed page: (HERE) to claim a pony, then head over to the timeline(HERE) and get started writing! It’s as simple as that!

If you feel like contacting the authors of your favorite fics or setting up a collab, or just want to chat with people about the ‘verse, feel free to visit the IRC! Remember- everyone is welcome, and there’s even a built in private messaging system!

If you think you need more information, or want to see what other resources are available, we have a thread for that! Here!

A few rules:

1. If you want your fic to be submitted to the group, pass it off to either Hope, also known as Erishy, or FullTome, also known as Twi|Tome.
2. If you have any questions or comments about the group, or about the distinction between non-canon or canon stories, please join the IRC, or send a private message to either Hope or FullTome, and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.
3. Last but not least, the most important rule of all- be respectful of everyone! Just because you don’t like someone, or think their story is badly written, or anything else, doesn’t mean it’s okay to bash them, on their story or in the IRC.

(P.S. For those wondering about our sudden group disappearance, a disagreement between an admin and previous group creator led to it being deleted)

(P.P.S. A group member made a steam group, so it is easier to game together if desired: STEAM)

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So, is it okay if I write a non-cannon story in the verse? ❔

So, is this verse dead? It's sad, I really enjoyed it :/

Comment posted by BusinessKitty deleted Aug 3rd, 2017

400400 If you received the permission, why not?

I wonder if it's allowed to use someone elses oc in a ponyverse story if i asked the owner of the oc for permission to use the oc in the story?

What's the point? Such clone will be effectively an OC in everything besides the appearance, and it's easier and more fun to just make your own (unless you specifically want an alicorn, but those are bad idea anyways).
Also, not all of the good ones are taken, there are plenty left untouched (check the stories, some are cancelled, so you may try to take over the character, too).

All the good ponies are already taken.:(


Can we use clones of the original characters perhaps?

I wanted to do Cadence, but she's already taken.

Can I use a clone of Cadence created by a magic cloning mirror? She'd have a different cutie mark though. And a different personality as well too.

I'm about to write my story, and I need some people to collab with. If anyone wants to collab with me (no one will, most likely) then just PM me. :pinkiecrazy:

Edit: I am also looking for a group/groups that I can join.

337676 I believe it means PM them that you have a story, and ask them to check it out (I'm guessing so don't quote me on this)

Comment posted by Singed_Wire_Writes deleted Apr 18th, 2015

I just wanted to ask if I could have my OC Singed Wire be near the canon characters and see them but not interact with them so that it won't interfere with a canon story/canon characters? I wanna know because i feel like it would make a good story and make subtle references to what happens in the canon story but not interact/change anything. Can I use this concept?:scootangel:

Edit: According to someone on the pony claim page, that's exactly what an OC story should be. I will start writing soon. :facehoof:

How's come everyone's on such a long hiatus?

355102 There is a link to both the IRC and to the request a pony.

I believe original characters are welcome, and i would like to put in my Original unicorn filly in a story. her name is Little Horn. She would be a welcome addition to any collaboration as the group heads to New York and meet other ponies.

I also have a story with silver spoon in it, and I am hoping to have her meet up with her friend, Diamond Tiara, and many more ponies.

Does anyone else think that Equestria Girls and Darting Don't were probably just fanfiction ideas.

All of my favourite characters are taken, May I use my OC. He may not look like much but he is a nice bat pony. Drawing board is now working as an inventor/composer in Ponyville. So pretty please with hot sauce covered cupcakes on top.:pinkiesmile: let me use this OC. Please forget the previous comment attempts.

Comment posted by Sweetie-Bot deleted Aug 19th, 2014

Can I use my OC? She's a time lord Pegasus and you can see what she looks like on my profile picture. If I can write about her then I wouldn't make her a timelord. so please? :pinkiehappy:

If it's ok with all of you I would like to be able to have my Pegasus OC Snow Song to be able to interact with the canon characters if you are all ok with this plz replie so I can start Writing the fic.

There are plenty of background characters you can use. There are even a lot of interesting ones left unclamed, including the ones with the major appearances in the show (Mayor, for example). You can make an OC, too.

So after looking and desperately trying to find a pony that's not taken:flutterrage: the only ponies I can find are twilights parents, and rarity's parents. I wanted shining armor at first, but he's taken, then I thought spitfire, but she's also taken. I can't think of anything else. Can I get some help?:unsuresweetie:

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