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2 Liter Leo

I write things! Things that come to my mind I write! I am not crazy! Comments help me know what ideas should be allowed. I swear I'm not crazy!

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So, what happened to two stories? · 5:43pm February 11th

For those to whom it may concern I have removed Rainbow's Shadows and New Heights because of multiple things:

Feedback; The feedback I was getting for those stories was not all that positive, nor were people enjoying them...

Content; The content of the stories were not all that pleasing to me to read, or write. When I would go back and read chapters that have been up I would just groan, moan, and complain saying, "I could be better" without me knowing how to improve the stories.

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This user page is just you and I going back and forth...
Why is no one else commenting on anything related to me?


Nope! You're already on the ride, the only way out is through, welcome down the rabbit hole, remember your towel!

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Now I have the advantage with an arbitrary seven digit number representing a victorious statistic that is easily factored with a 10!

You could just not give me another and instead just say your opinion of my writing(good or bad, I don't care)... Just thinking here.


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Oh, god, if you reply to this one, do I just give you another one, or come up with something else!? Either option leads to an endless loop!

Thank you GlaD0s for the badge, and for representing PrincessColumbia

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