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Citrus Recluse

AKA Gale Crowley. I'm an erotica author who really really likes Adagio Dazzle. I take commissions! PM if interested. Patreon

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Special Thanks To The Following:

Captain Croisandwich

For supporting me on Patreon and helping me to do what I love.

Commission Queue

This is my commission queue, meant to keep track of where commissions are so commissioners can quickly dial in to see how things are going, as well as others curious about their status.

Commissions in green text are stories waiting for other commissions to finish before being started. They are put here mainly for my convenience.

Last Updated: 2/19/19

Waiting To Be Started


  • N/A


  • Leatherbound Shadows Chapter 8 0/3000 (Due March 23)
  • Leatherbound Shadows Chapter Epilogue 0/8000
  • Moonlight Scales Sidewinders 4: 0/3000-4000
  • Moonlight Scales Sidewinders 5: 0/4000-5000
  • Moonlight Scales Sidewinders 6: 0/6000
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One 3 0/5000
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One 4 0/4000
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One 5 0/6000
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One 6 0/800
  • Room 71 Chapter 2 0/7000
  • Room 71 Chapter 3 0/10000
  • Room 71 Chapter 4 0/8000
  • Room 71 Chapter 5 0/5000
  • Room 71 Chapter 6 0/6000
  • Twilight Mirror Story 1 0/8000
  • Ghost House Chapter 1 (waiting for "Leatherbound Shadows" to finish before starting.)
  • Ghost House Chapter 2
  • Ghost House Chapter 3
  • Ghost House Chapter 4
  • Ghost Dorm Chapter 1
  • Ghost Dorm Chapter 2
  • Ghost Dorm Chapter 3
  • Ghost Dorm Chapter 4
  • Ghost Dorm Chapter 5
  • Ghost Dorm Chapter 6
  • Ghost Dorm Chapter 7
  • Ghost Mansion Chapter 1
  • Ghost Mansion Chapter 2
  • Ghost Mansion Chapter 4
  • Ghost Mansion Chapter 5
  • Ghost Mansion Chapter 6
  • Ghost Mansion Chapter 7
  • Ghost Castle Chapter 1
  • Ghost Castle Chapter 2
  • Ghost Castle Chapter 3
  • Ghost Castle Chapter 4
  • Ghost Castle Chapter 5
  • Ghost Castle Chapter 6
  • Ghost Castle Chapter 7
  • Septa Story 3 Chapter 1 (waiting for "Moonlight Scales: Sidewinders" and "Once Bitten, Twice Dry" to finish before starting)
  • Septa Story 3 Chapter 2
  • Septa Story 3 Chapter 3
  • Septa Story 3 Chapter 4
  • Septa Story 3 Chapter 5
  • Septa Story 3 Chapter 6
  • Septa Story 3 Chapter 7
  • Inflation Story (amount of chapters unknown) (waiting for "Thinking Pervertedly With Portals" to finish before starting.)

In Progress

  • Untitled Sunset Story 2004/4200 (Due 2/23)

Needs Quality Check Before Sending to Commissioner

  • N/A

Waiting To Hear Back From Commissioner

  • Sunset/Twilight Foot Fetish Story

Needs Commissioner Requested Changes

  • Leatherbound Shadows Chapter 7 4198/10000 (Due March 16th)

Needs Proofreading

  • N/A

Awaiting Publication

  • Once Bitten Twice Dry Chapter 3

MY Queue

These are my brainchilds (or someone else's idea that I liked so much I decided to write it myself).

Last Updated: 10/23/18

In Progress

  • N/A

Waiting To Be Started

  • Adagio Inc Part 1
  • Adagio Inc Part 2
  • Adagio Inc Part 3
  • Adagio Inc Part 4
  • Adagio Inc Part 5
  • Her Way With Words Chapter 7
  • Her Way With Words Chapter 8
  • Her Way With Words Chapter 9
  • Her Way With Words Chapter 10
  • Contessa's Cupcakes
  • Contessa's Wet Dream
  • Inverted Mistress Midnight
  • Adagio Snapping Story
  • Rarity Business Story
  • Adagio Nurse Story
  • Queen's Blade Crossover
  • Musiagen Phantom World Crossover
  • Sunset Hypnotizes Adagio story
  • Sunset Thief Story

    Non Pony:

  • Poke Lamia Series Part 3
  • Poke Lamia Series Part 4
  • Poke Lamia Series Part 5
  • Poke Lamia Series Part 6
  • Poke Lamia Series Part 7
  • Contessa's Globes: Trepphac's OC
  • Three other stories with Trepphac's OC

Development Hell

  • Contessa's Globes: Ben 10


Commissions Structure:

Prices: $1 per every 100 words of fanfiction. 1000 words would be $10.

Payment: Through Paypal.

For new commissioners, you can either do a lump sum or an installment plan where you pay me a half of the total sum to start, and then pay the rest upon your commission's completion.

If I've worked with you before and know I can trust you, I prefer pay-upon-completion.

I do not take non-cash alternatives like steam cards or hugs and kisses.

If you're interested, PM me with the details of what you written. We can discuss some details, including the word count, what you want, and whether I can deliver what you're looking for. The more specifics you can provide, the better service I can give to make sure I deliver what you're looking for.

Presuming we can agree on something, I will get started on it. I will PM you regular updates when I do work on your commission. After I finish the first draft, I will send it to you for approval; you may use this time to request any changes or make suggestions, which I will then implement. Once you are satisfied with the draft, it goes through another read-through with a proofreader before publication.

If you want a commission a sequel to a commission that was not originally yours, I am perfectly fine with that.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission if it involves things I am not comfortable with writing. If this happens, I will endeavor to offer alternatives or adjustments to the idea so we can still do business together.

Other Ways To Support Me: Ko-Fi. Amazon

My Social Media: Twitter

My Other Works: Archive of Our Own and DeviantArt


New Story Live: "Pinkie Plays Pervertedly With Twilight's Pecker" · 7:16pm Saturday

A new short and sweet commission that I finished awhile back and only just now got around to publishing. Please enjoy.

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So between that and the remainder of Her Way with Words I got plenty to look forward to.

Is "Room 71" on your commissions list a sequel to your Room 69 stories?


Why be so greedy?

... soon, okay?

Alright so when the troll story been out?

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