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I speak fluent French and Spanish, so I can help if you want, not that it seems you need any.

I'm studying french and spanish in university, and I'm quite sure that it's "excellent", not "excellente" (which, interestingly enough, is a fusion of "Excellent" and "Excelente")

I couldn't find any more errors, but I'll take a look when I get home.
It's a nice idea, anyway!

Very nice little story.
Sees it's incomplete
Ooooo so it will go on. And she's teaching french. So I wonder if we'll see Sunset becoming a French Maid :pinkiehappy:.

I like this new older Adagio being sexually control Sunset though this new kissing power! I can't wait for it!


Perhaps. May not be Sunset, ultimately, but perhaps..

" I'm quite sure that it's "excellent", not "excellente" (which, interestingly enough, is a fusion of "Excellent" and "Excelente")"

cognates are cognates. These are all romance languages.
I remember that HS Spanish disallowed us from referring to the respective clothes as "el t-shirt" (camiseta) and "el blue jeans" (pantalones de azul), presumably because it was perceived as "lazy."

Yeah, most of the people speaking a romance language (myself included, I'm from Italy) tend to avoid using too much foreign words, I don't know actually why, to be completely honest.

And we're supposed to get 10 chapters of this? How exciting!

This is greayt. It is also the first time in my life I got some use out of my three years of Frensh classes

Since i live in germany maybe i can help you with german words if you want.

i love it and i hope we see more soon

So THERE are the other Dazzlings.

Are we going to get any information on how the Dazzlings' lipstick works and what kind of magic is in it?

Is there going be any types of transformation on here?



Unless a change of clothes counts.

Kinky, but I'm still curious how they grew up so fast & how they got new powers


And you will never know. It will remain a mystery that will consume you for the rest of your days.

Or maybe I'll reveal it eventually.

Well, that was hot.
Can't wait to see if the sirens can pull this off.

I hope their will be breast expansion next chapters.

Look on the bright side, Sunset, I'm pretty sure eternal servitude is actually a pretty good deal for not having to learn German the regular way.

(I am German and I admit to feeling a tiny bit of sadistic glee whenever someone tells me they're thinking about learning the language)

God I love that picture. Makes Sunset and Adagio looks so damn hot with those outfits. And the kiss marks on Sunset~! Mmmmnf!

"How are you, mon cherie?"

Ma. Mon is masculine. Ma is feminine and French is a fucking nightmare. Trust me.

"No worries, mon cherie,"

Second verse, same as the first.

"Out of the way, Sunset!" Rainbow Dash said. "I'm reporting this to Principal Celestia! And only Pinkie gets to call me Dashie!"

What about Fluttershy?

"Dash, why won't you just soumettre?

Soumet. Soumettre is the verb on its own, such as to be vs doing.

Two questions:
Did one of those floating kiss marks get Rainbow since it seems like she was unaffected?
Where did the kiss marks appear on the students if the kisses attached to their lips?


1) No. They did not.

2) From the other students kissing each other after the initial barrage.

Edit: I've edited a passage to make that second point more clear.

Damn it, they got Dash! I wonder who's next?

This is amazingly well written!

And yet I am ... oddly okay with all that? Am I terrible person?

I've read far worse. And people have written far worse without a shred of remorse.


I suppose that's true. I feel much better now.

Poor shy never had a chance, oh well still hot as hell!

All I am thinking is, if you sirens could pull this off why not of done that first. Yes I know its a fan fiction

Didn't realize the Sirens know many language. Wonder why they didn't make a career before meeting the Mane7?

Neat fic. IDK if i want a good or bad end yet either, haha.

Welp, looks like the Dazzlings have to only worry about AJ, Pinkie, & Rarity now.

If anyone knows french and can translate the words that may help some of us understand what is being said.
I think if you like to read it without it just (Spoiler) the parts that are translated.
Most of the words that need translation are on chapter 2 and later.


You ought to find translations in the Author's Notes section.

The biggest questions I have are:
1. Will it have multiple endings?
2. If the answer to 1 is no, then will it have a good or bad ending?

I like how Sonata's in on it, there's a severe lack of co-conspirator Sonata stories - they're all either with her reformed or Adagio acting solo.

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