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I don't write pony stories. I mainly write about humans or Equestria Girl stories.

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Hey, watch my Equestria Girls Review · 7:41am Nov 17th, 2017

Hey, guys! In celebration of the Equestria Girls web series coming out, I made a video review of the first movie on Youtube. Don't take this as me ordering you to or asking me to, this is just my way of promoting my video. You can finally get to hear my voice, hear my opinions, and see my attempts to entertain you. And if you like that video, you can watch my previous videos (but be warned, it will be of far less quality).

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Hey I wanna ask why I hate to say it but are you alive still

I understand I just want to give some ideas at least.
PS can't wait for the next chapter of Legends of Everfree great story.

That sounds good enough. However, since the holiday season has come-and-gone, there's little reason to do it now. And besides, I want to at least finish Legends of Everfree before I do anything else

Comment posted by DragonReaperKing500 deleted Jan 2nd, 2018
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