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will they make another one

it is like batman vs. superman only worse than that

377790 You like FNAF??? I'VE NEVER PLAYED IT

P.S. I'm new here so hi everypony ;)


Movie was SO AWESOME!!! I really have no idea why everyone hates the Equestria Girls, they're just as awesome as the ponies!!!

Plz Follow Me, I'm New In Here!!!

The Dazzling's songs~ Loved em.

Trixie's song~ ...I have the wierdest boner right now...

Lyra+Bon Bon's song~ It was okay.

Rainbooms~ :twilightangry2:Get OFF the FUCKING stage!:flutterrage:

I'm proud to be the 45th member of this group!

Also Rainbow Rocks was one of if not the best movie that I've watched so far!

I have been meaning to see it

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