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I mean I'm not gay, but I'm TOTALLY gay!! Like I love boys and girls. I mean vagina's gross, but boobies are Great! Get it?


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I'm a confused 18 year old chick who's an aspiring artist and still watches discovery family.

Boobies are great!

I mean I'm TOTALLY straight. Yea I like girls, but I'm still completely loyal to dick.
Okay so here's the break down:
I'm Heterosexual-I wanna date and fuck boys
I'm Bi-Romantic-I wanna date girls with no sexual relationship (unless you count touching boobs)

Man college is gonna be GREAT!

Can you tell I read a lot of Dumbing Of Age?

Favorite Ponies

Favorite Main Six:
2)Pinkie Pie
4)Rainbow Dash
6)Apple Jack

Favorite Princesses:

Favorite Background Ponies:
1) Derpy
2) Vinyl
4) Octavia
5) Blossomforth
6) Rose Luck

Favorite Shadow Bolt:
1)Sour Sweet
2)Lemon Zest
3)Sugar Coat
4)Indigo Zap
5)Sunny Flare

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Love your picture, by the way.

But if I may, would you like to join my group?

It's called RainDigo: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/209661/raindigo-rainbowxindigo

Thank thee for thy watch, your highness. *curtsies*

Comment posted by LightningSword deleted Jul 7th, 2015

Thank you for adding 'Possible Friendship Games Ending' to Read it Later. I hope you enjoy it!

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Warning: Everything here is true!! · 9:33pm Mar 29th, 2016

I'm finally gonna start writing again!! I finally came back on this site after FIVE-EVER!! I started looking threw my old story ideas and some of them are relivable. I found three that I actually want to pick up again and start posting them. I'll get an editor/proofreader and upload chapters weekly. I'm really serious about this and hopefully you'll like the stories I put out.

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