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A group for those who recognize the truly superior siren—Aria Blaze. Discuss her. Write stories about her.

Worship her.

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This is why Aria is my favourite Siren and I will be forever under her spell.


It is a honor to be in your pressence

Yeah that's right. Worship me!

397776 aria blaze is best siren

Hello aria blaze I'm slash the assassin an interesting man with a taste for story's to tell I've made a group and I would like you to join me in my group it's lot's of fun so will you

Already did. It's not as great as some of the others, but I have faith in it. :twilightsmile:

405137 If the story is Published, it is high time to post it.
We are looking forwards to see how it comes out.

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind for the future.
And I will.

405124 Canon is everything directly supported by the original source; in our case, Hasbro and their affiliates and associates.

Hope you managed to post the story you mentioned earlier.

Okay, thanks. Just one question.
What do you mean by "Canon"? :twilightoops: :unsuresweetie: I've never heard of it.

405107 Then you have several weeks worth of publishing ahead, since you are new here. it is good to give your story time to sink in, and let the readers have tome enjoying your work.

I wasn't certain, but the name Arron did not sound like a Canon name, even for the Equestria Girls' Realm. Then it would be a good idea to choose an OC group for the story as well. Choose the groups where you post the stories to direct the desired readers you expect to enjoy your story. This would give you a much more possitive experience as a writer, and more possitive readers.

There are two ways to post a Story on a group;
A: Add to group: Select group: Subfolders
B: Click Stories: Choose Folder: Subfolder
A is the middle icon to the right of the characters of the story, under the story.
B is the first icon on the top of the group, before the members.

You can only add Published stories to a Group.

You choose the character, categories, add the description and summary. Then you can add a pass to the story too.
Note that you can edit the story at any time, and add a prequel to your story as well.
You need to choose the age limit for the story, unless you are making it E for Everyone.

If you need help, feel free to as any time, some Pony is likely to answe your questions.

More like 5-6 chapters, and yes, Arron an OC. Thanks for your honest feedback. :twilightsmile:
BTW, how do I post stories to this group? Do I just submit them and they'll appear here automatically based on the characters, or do I have to add the group in the options in the creation process? :unsuresweetie:

405100 Wait? :pinkiesmile: are you saying that you have one chapter ready?
20 likes should mean something, evn if I gues part ofit may be in which group(s) you have placed the story as well.

Just curious, is Arrom an OC, in which case the story may work with a group on them?
Otherwise you could find a group for him as well.

With some practice, the story is most likely improving significantly.
While you could attempt to find an Editor, or similar service to push the story quality even further.

Well, I do have one. Its coming along pretty well, already on a new chapter for it. Its not great, but its coming along. I have 20 likes on it :twilightsmile: (and 20 dislikes).

Here's a link:
It's about a boy named Arron Canvas, a new students at CHS, who builds an Interesting relationship with Aria. It's mediocre at best, but I'm sure it'll get there one day. My friends tell me not to sell myself short just yet.

400183 :pinkiegasp:
Way to go, there.. :pinkiesmile:

400788 What did you have in mind for her?
What kind of a storyare you planning/working on?

402668 Would depend on where you take her, as it were.

While we are there, naturally, I am also working on a story about her, which is why I joined in the first place .. :pinkiegasp:
I guess it was just her turn to be on the list of charcters. I know a few details about her to get started.

Since she liked to sing, I guess she will keep doing that, just with some practice/exercise and a new group by her sides.

Friends, you know.

I'm writing an Aria Blaze story, I bet you'll all love it :pinkiehappy:

I'm writing an Aria Blaze story. Does Anyone have any tips for me?

I just join my first group. I'M ON A ROLL HERE. Day 3 and Already I'm apart of group.
Oh, and HAIL ARIA! :twilightblush:

397781 and I assume you're not going to explain neither..

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