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Hi there, my name's Aileen, and I'm an artist, dancer, and singer, and writer too. I hope you all enjoy my fan fictions! :)


Sorry · 8:41pm Dec 25th, 2015

Hey guys, it's me again. I just wanted to make this blog post to apologize for the hiatus my FIM Fictions are under. I've been having trouble with school and other stuff lately, and I barely have time to work on the stories. But since I'm on Christmas break, I have a lot of time to start working on three stories that I'm working on (chapter 5 of Aria's Destiny, and the two stories for The Alternate Friendship Problems). So maybe once the new year starts, chapter 5 of Aria's Destiny should be up

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2056401 I'm so sorry :ajsleepy:

Maybe it'll be less confusing for you now, because I canceled my Anthropology fanfiction.

So after the incident from the Friendship Games when human Twilight becomes Midnight Sparkle (sorry for the spoilers if you haven't watched the movie yet), my version of the season 5 finale will happen. If I'm still confusing you, again, so sorry :ajsleepy:

2053119 Its getting difficult to understand , i mean you make a lot of events in the same universe.

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