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The group dedicated to shipping everyone's favorite Vocaloid lookalikes, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk.

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This ship is one of my favorite ships!!

My bedroom or in the back of a pickup truck.
Your choice

397712 Where the hell are we gonna go?

Smart girl.
Now we should really move

Then get the fuck on the right place you courtesan

397708 This is neither the time, nor place Adagio. Plus, wrong group. :facehoof:

I want your ass in my bedroom. Now.

397706 Didn't see when it was posted. Get off my ass Dagi..

Replying to an ancient comment?
You sad little seahorse~

This ship deserves more stories.

Sure, why not! I'm looking forward to seeing what this group comes up with :raritywink:
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