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Hi my name is FlutterDashFan18. I became an mlp fan since the show started. I am also an anime fan too but I am actually a bigger mlp fan than an anime fan but they are both good in my opinion. My favorite CMC character and mlp character overall of the show is Sweetie Belle and I believe that she is best pony. According to my username, FlutterDash (Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash) is my OTP. Some of my other favorite ships are:
Lyrabon (Lyra x Bon Bon)
Rarijack (Rarity x Applejack)
Twiset (Twilight Sparkle x Sunset Shimmer)
Arianata (Aria Blaze x Sonata Dusk)
Sundagio (Adagio Dazzle x Sunset Shimmer)
Twipie (Twilight Sparkle x Pinkie Pie)
Fluttercord (Fluttershy x Discord)
Dislestia (Discord x Princess Celestia)
Starburst (Starlight Glimmer x Sunburst)
Starixie (Starlight x Trixie)
AppleTiara (AppleBloom x Diamond Tiara)
ButtonBelle (Button Mash x Sweetie Belle)
DinkySqueak (Dinky x Pipsqueak)
DoctorDerpy (Doctor Hooves x Derpy)
Scootabelle (Scootaloo x Sweetie Belle)
ScratchTavia (Vinyl Scratch x Octavia)
SoarinFire (Soarin x Spitfire)

I will be posting my very first story on the website whenever I can. It's going to be a collaborative effort. I have been working on it with someone else. I was thinking about after the fanfic is completed, I can maybe do an audio drama of it. If I can't, if anyone wants to or is willing to, could someone maybe do an audio drama of it or maybe a fanfic reading of it please? I don't want to force anyone into doing something that they don't want so I'm making the request optional but it would be nice. Anyways, I'll post the first story when it's done. If you can could someone maybe Please share this with people please? Anyways, I hope you all enjoy.

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