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Unappreciated Ships/What ships do you like that don't really get a lot of attention? · 3:13am January 7th

I noticed that the MLP fandom, well...fandoms in general have popular and unpopular ships. There are some that people are very popular that people are very familiar with. There are some people haven't thought of. There are the types that people hate so much and/or think wouldn't work out. Not to mention there are ships that people are neutral about. I ship FlutterDash (Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash) which gets a lot of love yet gets a lot of hate. Anyways, I have this ship which doesn't get a

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thanks for the fav! Likes and comments are appreciated! :twilightblush:

Okay, best of luck to you.

Well, I REALLY want to, but I'm also trying to see if I can update my other stories too, but I am not going to let the story fail! I made a promise to myself to continue it, and I hope to update it soon. Thankfully, I have a wonderful editor and friend who helps me think up ideas, glad you are looking forward to the next chapter!

Oh one more thing. Will you be updating it soon?

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