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This group is for the fics you either have no interest in anymore, or fics that can’t be done aloe or on your current schedule.
(NOTE: in the forums you can post why you cancelled your fic, what you think is wrong with your fic, and to see if others can help keep your fic on a life-line before you send it here.)
You can submit any type story to this group, just put the story in the folder.
1. Don’t spam threads.
Posting threads that have no purpose, such as “I was Bored so I made a thread” will be taken down without warning.
2. Do not link people to malicious websites
If you are found doing this you will be kicked from the group immediately.
3. Keep all threads writing/novel/story related or post ideas that involve writing in someway.
This one is pretty simple to follow.
4. No X-rated pictures and keep swearing to a dull roar(but do not harass another member)


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My horrid fic was added here? I actually never noticed that.
Congratulations! For its freshness, this group has been awarded a listing in New Groups.

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