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Techpriest Eh

RTS Gamer, Australian Soldier, Meme Maker, /pol/ resident, Shitposter, anything you want me to be baby ;)

My soul collection

Shit books I tried to write



Due to the fact some people can't take a shitpost on my userpage, here's an updated and completely serious userpage /sarcasm/

My name is Caleb and I'm 28, I work in the ADF as a Staff Sergeant for my Battalion. I recently used to live in Queensland but due to reassignment I was posted to Adelaide and now spend my time living there.

I like Firearms, WW2 history, politics, and WW2 tanks. WW1 history also interests me somewhat.

I'm ethnically an Anglo-Saxon but have a small multitude of other ethnic groups in me including: German, Greek, Spanish, and actually I found this out recently, Lithuanian. I am a 5th generation Australian, meaning my family has lived in Australia for 5 generations.

Now that's all I'm willing to say about myself, also, don't mind the Profile name and Avatar, I'm not a Nazi. I just use this because it pisses an individual off and seeing him angry really makes me happy.

My theme song

About me

I was once Ebyer5!
I was once Ebyer5 SteamEngineer!
I was once Techpriest enginseer!
I was once Pink perv and Blue balls!
I was once The Empty Man!
I was once Steve Irwin!
I was once Phallic object in pants!
I was once Rear Admiral Techpriest!
I was once Techpriest enginseer eh!
I was once Godly Techpriest eh!
I was once Pornlord Techpriest eh!
I was once Snowdrops techpriest eh!
I was once skitarii Techpriest eh!
I was once STALKER techpriest eh!
I was once Joseph Stalin!
I am now The Desert Fox!

This Fan film made by Silly Filley Studio's is one of 8 things that have made me cry in over 13 years.

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Do note I've already commented on his page.

I have noticed that this user has the same profile pic as you. What do you think?

Thanks for favoriting The Spider

*Salutes* Praise the Emperor.

More like a lot of good it did them.

Yes, and lotta good that did you.

Britain held the largest Empire in the world.

But you see, it took several countries to take on Germany both times, Germany almost brought Europe to its knees multiple times by itself.

Britain kicked Germany's arse twice, and she can do it again.


Nah fam, speed is where it's at.

2510444 Oui, it really does when you do cocaine, eh

eh? makes plenty of sense :pinkiesmile:

2510431 You be is what I is, eh

you fecking what mate?

Fecking kys fagget, eh

wut memes?

also commies or nazi's, pick one.

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