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5/18/21 · 7:13pm May 18th

So I've been slowly restarting Hackers and I'm working on it from the ground up. But a little while ago an idea came to mind. One I hadn't had in a while.

I'm gonna work on this while, simultaneously working on 2 prequel fics. They'll feature characters and elements from Hackers and will be part of setting up what happens in said story.

Again, once completed each chapter will be posted on a weekly basis, maybe bi-weekly.

The first story Alicorn will begin production soon.

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Thanks for the watch! I hope you enjoy what you read of my stories. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding Forgettable to your favorites. You might also be interested in My Sad Stories.

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Thank you for adding my short Comedy to your Favorites!

Cheers for the add.

Thanks for the fav. I hope you enjoy the rest of my works

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