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Routine day with a dirt cheap brush, then a week goes by and it goes untouched. Then two, then three, then a month, and the rest of your life you beat yourself up. - Aesop Rock, "Rings"


Long Play has a concert to catch, but his blubbering baby sister just got home from school. Something got under her fur today. Something serious.

Side note, how did it take me so long to learn Vinyl canonically has an older brother? I really need to read more IDW comics.

This is an entry in the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots that I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. New ones will be posted every other Thursday for the foreseeable future.

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Long Play didn't see anything when he stuck his head out. Though he did hear the shuffling patter of dejected hoofsteps climbing the living room stairs. No doubt an embarrassed, short-legged filly hadn't expected anyone else to be home. And to be fair, Long Play indeed was planning to go to a Blue Oyster Colt concert this evening. He was actually planning to gallop at full speed so the wind would dry his fresh highlights in an appropriately wavy style. But now...

the SECOND time i have seen Vinyl cited as a BOC fan in a fic. wild. Sort of.

Long Play though, he was a music colt. He had a few band posters (most of them signed) for the Red Trot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Paddock, but those stayed safely in his bedroom.

Given they live in a monarchy, 'paddock' may be completely literal.

You know, i just volunteered to read to some kids today, about this age. They're a perceptive bunch. I know how much you love your stories of simple objects causing character development, and this was a damn good short and sweet way to tie canon and your own Verse.

of course, it also perfectly demonstrates why my own stories dont fit into a Verse. If they did, my Twilight would lose all her friends and live through two apocalypses. Your Vinyl experiences a harrowing Windigo existence the length of her tender, normal life hundreds of times over.

I really enjoyed this sweet story of Vinyl and her older brother helping her out after a bad day. :heart:

Very sweet.
But didn't that concert happen in Canterlot?

Very nice! And even as colt, thunderlane can't get a break from the flu, eh?

And as a Handicaped Person myself, i can understand vinyl's pain. In a matter of fact, my pony counterpart knows her pain even more.

Sorry, old habit

As someone who used to have a stutter this hit me harder than I was expecting, but in a good way :twilightsmile:

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love wholesome fluffpieces :heart:

Also I loved all the band pony puns. Jockeys Priest made me snort giggle.

Hm how much older than the Mane Six is Cheerilee?

Not much older, admittedly. :unsuresweetie:

For this fic’s purposes, I wanted to include a line that Cheerilee is new to teaching and barely an adult herself. That’s why the class is so rowdy in Vinyl’s story. Never found a good place to drop this info tidbit though.

Wonderful. Up-checking. Saving. Touching.

Perpetually magnified bug eyes, that was the baggage of being a nearsighted six-year old.

I was thinking the bug eyes appearance comes from wearing glasses to treat farsightedness.

By comic canon, about the same age as Shining Armor and Cadance. She's seen talking in the background of the IDW comic that talks about Shining's high school days.

If this story is trying to hold to that canon, then it's being a little generous with its interpretation of events and times.
Which is fine; there's some wiggle room, and fanfics don't need to perfectly adhere to canon anyway.

This was lovely and adorable, and I treasured every moment of it. Writing for Vinyl as a filly for Jinglemas recently had given me a new appreciation for the character and different takes on her childhood (or, really, any takes on her that aren't just OctaScratch), and this amply delivered there. Her stutter served the story far better then it had any right to, Long Play was such an awesome big brother, and it was wonderful to see the path laid out for how Vinyl would become the cool, mellow, laidback DJ we all know and love. The puns were all winners, whether I got them or not.

Really, just another solid entry in your Snippet series: warm, pleasurable, and sweet. Not much more to it, but I enjoyed it enough for a Pretty Good rating. Keep at it, Casketbase!

Oh my goodness, knowing it was Shining Armor's performance that those two ran after made that ending so much funnier. This is incredibly sweet and wholesome, yet another nice spin on Vinyl Scratch. Great job!

Yes, drown us in unseen sibling relationships. Drown us.

Very sweet. I enjoyed how natural Long Play's approach was for dealing with Vinyl's bad day. Very charming. :pinkiesmile:


As someone with older brothers 18+ years my senior, this story hit me hard

I will again echo what others have said; this certainly was a sweet sibling story

Comment posted by CaptainPipsqueak deleted February 4th

The point to musical toothbrushes is you're supposed to brush for a set amount of time so the fluoride in the paste can activate, which is about two minutes. The music acts as a timer.

Someone remembered that DJ's brother exists; yay!

"Long Play" is a good name for 33 1/3 LP! I didn't even realize that "L" and "P" stood for his name lol!

I liked that. I'd like to read more about them growing up and Vinyl turning into the pony we see in the series.

There were of course much fancier, more expensive Tooth Tune brushes on store shelves. Some even came with real licensed pop hits instead of public domain folk tunes. But gifts were about the thought put into them, not the Bits spent. And since Vinyl was still a foal, any and all music-makers were exciting to her. That had been Long Play's logic when he bought his sister a novelty toy for her birthday. He'd been confident she'd love it. His confidence had been correct.

Oh yeah I remember those music toothbrushes I seen those things in the commercial when I was a kid back then

"Alright, kiddo," he declared. "You're blue. Da-ba-dee, da-ba-die."

I see what you did there very funny

That was actually really nice story and seeing Vinyl Scratch origin story about her Young Life how she get started and how she became the vinyl scratch we know and love and it's always nice to see her brother as well this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

Alright. Who dared downvote this story?

It's nice to see Vinyl's origins here. A little display of sibling/family love and sacrifice here (with an interesting omission of any mention of their parents, which works well to this fic's favor—if it doesn't fit naturally [like with Cheerilee which you mentioned in the comments], then don't bother, especially for a short story), and it's a good contrast to the bombastic (if voluntarily mute, maybe) DJ we know today.

There's not much else to say for me here; what I can say is that, regarding her stuttering here, it's bittersweet to have her stutter as a foal, knowing that she'll stutter thousands of years later due to the cold of being a windigo for way too long... in fact, it won't just be the cold, will it? I bet that that was intentional.

Thanks for the story!

Howdy, hi!

Okay, loved this. This was such a cute short fic and I adored every second. The dynamic between Vinyl and Long Record is great and super wholesome. I also love the characterization you did for Vinyl which was absolutely amazing.

Thanks for the read~!

This story was so incredibly sweet. I also learned that Vinyl has a brother, and now I too headcanon that Vinyl is albino.

This is really cute and sweet. :3
"Blue Oyster Colt" *Shakes hoof* I'm so jealous I didn't come up with that.

Now that I know brushes like that exist I want one. And awwwwwww! Long Play's such a good brother!!

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