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Evil Twilight

I like to write stories and crap. However I'm not really good at it, I still enjoy trying to do so.

The Light and Darkness Series

Luna has just returned from being imprisoned for 1000 years. Celestia thinks it'll be best for her to travel to Ponyville to try to make friends with Twilight Sparkle and the other Mane Six. However, Celestia will soon learn that this decision she made will cause more havoc than she could have ever thought of.

I. Light and Darkness

II. Not Dead Yet

III. The Whoovius Project

IV. Glory Be




Hello Everypony · 3:37am Jul 23rd, 2016

I know, I KNOW! It's been a while. I'm going to say I'm really sorry for vanishing for a long ass time but I think I'm gonna be coming back. The Light and Darkness Series will still be on hiatus for a bit but I'm going to start a new series probably. I know what the title will be, but I won't release any details yet, but stay tuned for further announcements.

The Light and Darkness Series

I decided to make my story "Light and Darkness" a six part series. There's no set time for when the next story will release, however I'll keep y'all updated via blog post.

Part 1. Light and Darkness (Completed)

Part 2. Not Dead Yet (Completed)

Part 3. The Whoovius Project (Complete)

Part 4. Glory Be (Coming Soon)

Part 5. ________

Part 6. ________

Crap I've written

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Hello there! I was looking around for EoI stories, and found you. I already know the plot, so when I saw the fic was cancelled, I came directly to your profile to see if you had any other stories. I lime the premise a great deal. Good luck with book four!

Found this today browsing through fanfics with alot of words(i like em long). Adding to my to(slowly shrinking) backlog of shit to read. Looks promising. Can't wait till i get to it. :woona: :trollestia:

Side note: where the hell is my woona emote!??!

Can you help me with a story of mine?

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