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I like to do Sunset Shimmer stories, and that's about it right now.


After being abandoned by her friends during christmas, Sunset Shimmer wanders the cold streets of town, alone, and with nowhere to go. After walking for hours, she eventually gives into the elements around her, only to be saved at the last second by the last ones she ever thought would help her.

Meanwhile, the truth about Anon-A-Miss has come out, and her five friends are desperately trying to find her so they can apologize for what they have done.

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Decent writing, good punctuation, and an intriguing new direction in which the Dazzlings have gone. I can't wait to see where this story goes!


The Dazzlings have gone

Wait, what do you mean?

6267871 They're actually helping the one who defeated them and made them powerless. Not something I would have expected.

Comment posted by prince realms deleted Jul 31st, 2015

In most story's the dazzling are also homeless

6267925 Oh... When I read that I was under the thought you might be under the asumption that they were the human worlds version of them, and the ones we now were gone. Whoops. :twilightblush::facehoof:

6267940 Why'd you delete your other comment?

This is well written. I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when reading your stories. :scootangel: Keep up the good work.

6268042 Aww, thanks. :twilightsmile: Glad you like it. :pinkiehappy:

"Oh, you've probably noticed by now, but I leant you a pair of my pj's for the night,

So, no one going to comment on how Sonata, maybe even with Aria, had strip Sunset of her clothes while she was passed out. Or the fact Sunset didn't even comment on it. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyways, good chapter, can't wait to read the next one.

6268168 Gotta be honest, I was waiting for that comment. :moustache:

interesting premise...let's see where this goes...

Very interesting start. I'm curious to know why the Dazzlings take Sunset in even though they are once enemies. Still, I like to see where this story goes. :twilightsmile:


Amazing start from I can say so far

Still lacking in grammar and spelling errors.

I'm intrigued also that out of all people it had to be the Dazzlings to save her life. I hope there will be an explination for it.

Good luck. You still need a proof reader fyi.

6270520 Thanks, I do try my best.

there are a couple of typos, but nothing that obstructs reading. this is super cute and very enjoyable. I like the premise and would like to see where this goes
my guess is the sirens are grateful to be free of their dark magic... but it's nice to see a fic where they help Sunset instead of the other way around :twilightsmile:

All of my yes. Take them. All of them!

Okay...Now I really want to know why the Sirens are so nice...good chapter.

OK IM HOOKED keep up the good work

I also want to know what the sirens want from Sunset Shimmer. poor girl... the reason she stays is too much for me :fluttercry:
"Adagio saw it again, that same look Sunset had last night, the one she couldn't read" I like this, it's continuity. also it taps into the fact that Adagio is super old and worldly, so when something escapes her, she's naturally more curious about it.

hah! search PARTY... that nicety aside, it seemed excessive to list everyone at the statue, then refer to them all by name again. I mean, there's a friend in need here, should rush be a priority over naming everyone? also, who exactly are the Wonderbolts?
I'm glad someone is giving the CMC crap, just because they're sorry doesn't mean they don't deserve a little.

6283413 I moreso did that so you knew who was there, and who Pinkie was talking to at the time really.

great chapter and great chapter name! still makes me laugh... my guess on the next chapter's name is "The Next Chapter"

this story has me beyond hooked and can't wait to see more...

6283492 ...Don't tempt me... Cus I might just do that.

6283485 no it makes sense! just at first - before Pinkie assigns them places - it felt like randomly naming characters we know. it was only a thought and totally a personal style :twilightsheepish:

This is interesting. Sadly the only things about Adagio, Sonata and Aria i can find after rainbow rocks are fan fics. Why HAsbro why cant you bring them back


NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE!!:derpytongue2:

i want it done by tomorrow around 4 30 pm your time....:rainbowhuh:

OR ELSE!!!!:flutterrage:

Jk lol take your time!:twilightsmile:


Nice chapter. Though Adagio, Sonata and Aria act really diferent.......... well Adagio and Aria. Still i want to see were this story goes

Remind anyone else of that episode of Spongebob where Spongebob hides from Sandy and Sandy has a huge search party to find him?

Interesting concept. Will follow to see where it goes.

Just one thing. Try to work more on world building. The story is pretty much people doing stuff, and it feels rushed.

Well, I can say that I'm officially hooked. I've never read a fic that portrayed the Sirens like this before, and like everybody else, I really wanna' know why they are like that. I also really like that you move quickly; you trust the reader to put things together, such as the fact that Twilight came through the portal. We didn't need to be told about it obtusely by the narrative. The concern of her friends feels real, and it is really nice to see the other students helping out with the search. The writing on a technical level is also pretty tight. The Pinkie throwing a Search Party idea was pretty clever too. Great work so far! I'll definitely be watching. :D

(Also, if you'd like, I can offer my services as a cover artist.)

Interesting! I like this a LOT so far! I wonder if Sunset will make new friends in the Dazzlings? And what if her old friends? The Main 5?

Good work again! But should I be concerned about the Sirens? Are they plotting something? Or just being plain nice??? Hmm... Such mystery!

Hmm, interesting!

The sirens are ooc, but I actually kind of like how they are acting. It's an awkward niceness that reminds me of Sunset in RR. As for pacing it's a bit quick, but it's better than getting caught up like some authors do. The scene with Twilight was good, how you brought her in and alluded to her coming but not focusing on that scene. Very nicely done indeed!

6311896 Sirens are ooc, I know, that's intentional. Thanks anyway. :twilightsmile:

"Allow Trixie to tell you straight, you three are staying here, because you've already caused enough damage, and we don't want any more," Trixie replied harshly.

She's not wrong.

6268076 I think I know what's gonna happen next

6364145 ...What? :trixieshiftright: I can tell you in a pm if you're right if you want.

Interesting, I hope to see more chapters eventually. By the way, you ever thought of adding this to the Accusation Fic Collection? Because I think it would fit in just nicely with that group.

Comment posted by WickedLover5 deleted Sep 12th, 2015

Awesome chapter! But yet I wonder...what does Adagio mean by that "after all, we owe you one"?

Wait...what? I don't get the ending...

Great chapter though!

6550102 They found Sunset unconscious from the cold, and someone was willing to give them a lift back to their home.

6550112 No, I meant what Adagio said and thought.

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