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This isn't a group for Hackers but rather a group for mlp characters who are hackers. If you have a story that contains ponies that possess hacking skills feel free to post them. It doesn't matter if they use their computer, their cellphone or magic, so long as they hack.

Just make sure you submit your stories to the proper folders and be respectful to others. Otherwise I will have to use my power as the admin of this group and be really mean (which I don't want to do). But most importantly have fun.

The group icon belongs to FicLoverSmiles: Link

The Banner belongs to xn-d: Link

Please note that we do NOT promote our users hacking other websites, FiMFiction or Equestria Daily. This group takes no responsibility for members who are actual hackers who hack into places they shouldn't be (illegal or otherwise). We simply promote the use of hacking in stories.

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I am glad to see that we now have 14 members. However, I am almost worried that not a lot of them are going to talk and that this group with grow silent. :fluttershysad:

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