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Tired of the fans consistently putting Rarity down? Ever feeling that the marshmallow pone need more love?

Then this group is for you where Rarity gets all the love she needs!

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413979 That's what I've always loved most about her. She subverts expectations. Whenever you think you have her figured out, she throws a curve ball. She started out as prissy and arrogant, but has become one of the most overall changed characters in the series. That, and Tabitha St. Germain's delivery kills me every time. :rainbowlaugh:

413978 True, and I still think those were her worst overall potrayals this season. It's especially hard because Rarity is arguably the biggest break out character among the main cast, when she started out not many people were really interested in her and thought she was just going to be another one of those characters you saw on shows targetted to kids. And part of her appeal stems from the fact that she could very easily fall into that potrayal, but the show has made a consistent effort to go beyond that, and like the other characters show that she can be complex and have good and bad traits.

413977 I've heard that argument in "Spice Up Your Life", and I have the counter. One: she was not following trends in season five, she was setting them. Two: she believed the way to fix the Tasty Treat's owners' friendship problem was to get the restaurant popular, and the only way she knew to do that was to get it a three-hoof rating--which would only have happened if it was to Zesty Gourmand's liking, which meant the remodeling. She was mistaken about what to do to solve the friendship problem. She was not pushing conformity on them, she was trying to get them to succeed, based on her knowledge of successful Canterlot food, because she thought that was what would solve the friendship problem.

Also, in "The Gift of Maud Pie" making Rarity make a gift for Maud would send mixed messages, and be more about "homemade is better than store-bought", which was not the point of the episode. And she did her best to help Pinkie find a new gift for Maud, and didn't even mind that it took time away from what she wanted. Furthermore, she was a necessary foil and a placeholder for the audience, and she and Pinkie had not interacted up until that point, making it a perfect opportunity for them to make it happen. So she was hardly "shoe-horned" in; she needed to be in it as much as the Pie sisters.

It's "Cart" and "P.P.O.V." that were far worse for Rarity's character. Portraying her as obsessive over a silly prize she lost as a child in a sport she shouldn't even like? Having her conceptualize her friends as idiot jerks because their trip went south? That's infinitely more damaging, I think.

413976 "Spice Up Your Life" was actually probably one of her worst outings, because after the previous season had Rarity defying conformity, here she preaches it even when it's clear conformity in this situation is bad. And while I wouldn't say her presence in "Gift of The Maud Pie" was bad, she was noticeably shoe horned into a story that wasn't supposed to have her, seeing as all she does is react to what Pinkie or Maud say or do, and the episode doesn't consider that she could easily make the pouch for Pinkie (because doing so would mean the episode wouldn't happen). And of course her hogging the spotlight in the first half didn't help matters either, especially when she was the only mane seven/eight member to get a mention in "On Your Marks". Heck, her focus episode this season was remembered more for what her friends did rather than anything Rarity herself did.

I like Rarity, but Season 6 was not kind to her at all, and I'm hoping Season 7 will be a return to grace for her. We need more "Suited for Success" and "Sisterhooves Social" Rarity potrayals, especially if they're going to focus more on her interactions with her friends from now on.

413967 I'd say it was more a mixed bag for Rarity in Season 6. She had good episodes like "Spice Up Your Life" and "The Gift of Maud Pie", and bad ones like "The Cart Before the Ponies" and "P.P.O.V.". I wouldn't say Season 6 was good to her either, but it was hardly bad to her, I think.

I get the feeling this group is going to see a lot of members in the wake of Rarity's less than stellar outings in Season 6. Man oh man was that season not kind to her, and it really hurts considering Rarity is supposedly Josh Haber's favorite pony.

Putting down Rarity? Who does that anymore? I mean, it's usually Pinkie Pie or Twilight nowadays that fans complain about.

Still joining though.

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