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Impossible Numbers

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying, And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying."

Amethyst Star

Vector courtesy of Razor Blade the Unicron

Blue Chameleon

OC from my previous Metal Gear Solid fandom days, and a (now-defunct) alt account on FIMFiction.net

Fics By Year of Publication, 2011-2020


  1. Dinky and the Sisterhooves
  2. Post of Honour
  3. Too La Roo La Roo Lar (That's a Skyrish Lullaby)
  4. Stormwalker
  5. The Dream World Record
  6. Beyond the Herd
  7. Queen of Assassins
  8. Mothering, Someday
  9. Haiku Sensei
  10. Awe


  1. A Wrong-Sized Tail – EQD
  2. Impossible Numbers' Flashfic Anthology, Volume Four
  3. Zesty, But With Style
  4. Plugged In – EQD
  5. Before the Rot Sets In
  6. In a Hole in the Ground… – EQD
  7. Goldilocks and the Three Months Spent in Young Offender's Prison
  8. Tavern Tactics
  9. Romancing the Sun
  10. The Scootaloo Switcheroo – EQD
  11. Impossible Numbers' Flashfic Anthology, Volume Three


  1. Team Quantum (incomplete)
  2. Growing Your Own Legacy
  3. Keep Pretending, Three of Three
  4. Keep Pretending, Two of Three
  5. Keep Pretending, One of Three
  6. Business Bubble – EQD
  7. Calendar Chaos
  8. Quenchless Fire – EQD
  9. One Storm at a Time – EQD
  10. Rockhoof's Dilemma
  11. Mistmane and the Torii of Time – EQD
  12. Room for Improvement, Methinks
  13. Impossible Numbers' Flashfic Anthology, Volume Two
  14. Everyland and Nothingland – EQD
  15. Fire Burns Both Ways – EQD
  16. Limestone Pie Meets Petunia Paleo – EQD
  17. Guard Flutter (incomplete)
  18. Jailhouse Rock – EQD
  19. Somnambula and the Demon of Dreams
  20. Adventure Belongs in a Book
  21. Music is the BEST!
  22. Zip and Zing and Azaleas Too
  23. Now The Wind Has Changed Forever
  24. Lure of the Flower – COMPLETED NOVEL
  25. Sell Me A Lemon (incomplete)
  26. When Space Met Time – EQD
  27. Dame Trixie and the Countess of Wyrd (incomplete)
  28. Impossible Numbers' Flashfic Anthology, Volume One
  29. Eldritch Fun Times – EQD


  1. Upside-Down Cake (incomplete)
  2. A Very Merry Commission – EQD
  3. Why the Gift is Given – EQD
  4. The Science of Hugging (incomplete)
  5. Didgeridoo (incomplete)
  6. Thieves, Spirits, and Romantics (incomplete)
  7. Knitting Encouragement
  8. Here Comes the New God
  9. Rarity's Genesis – EQD
  10. Sunset in the Otherworld – EQD
  11. Unworthy of the Sun – EQD
  12. The Mare in the Magic Hat (incomplete)
  13. The Nightmare Stigma (incomplete)
  14. Valuable Time, or Dolce Far Niente – EQD
  15. Metal Celestia (incomplete)
  16. Transient
  17. Beautiful Lives – EQD
  18. As Winter Dies, So Spring Is Born – EQD
  19. The Web Untangled – EQD
  20. Stinging The Trail – EQD
  21. Raven Night School – EQD
  22. The Icing on the Hearth's Warming Cake – EQD
  23. White Lightning and the Elite Pony – EQD
  24. Petalback (incomplete)
  25. Her Song of Jubilation
  26. Friends of the Ponies


  1. Eights Week
  2. Floral Issues
  3. Magical Deathmatch (incomplete)
  4. Hive Versus Hive – EQD
  5. Practical Nightmares Only – EQD
  6. Splash Dash – EQD
  7. Villainy Abroad
  8. The Literary Hypothesis – EQD
  9. Work and Play – EQD
  10. Banal Evil
  11. Lapidify: To See And Die – EQD
  12. Rejuvenation
  13. The King and the Changeling – EQD
  14. Rise of the Solar Wind – EQD
  15. Windbags
  16. Southern Front


  1. Diminished – EQD
  2. An Old Tale in a New World




  1. Braeburn's Ambition
  2. The Adventure of the Five Apple Cores
  3. Laurels (cancelled)
  4. Rarity Ever After (cancelled)
  5. Monster Catchers (cancelled)
  6. Insecta Non Grata (cancelled)
  7. The Last of Lapis Lazuli (cancelled)
  8. Pinkamena Diane Pie


  1. Flitter's Night – EQD
  2. Jungle Tricks
  3. Redstreak Jack: Orchards of Time (cancelled)
  4. One Apple Short (In Which Twilight Learns Never To Underestimate An Apple Tree)
  5. Dare To Be Awesome
  6. Griffon a Load of Bull
  7. Horse Apple Turnover
  8. The Campaign for Extra Trixie, and other unlikely experiments
  9. Through the Eyes of the Hurricane – EQD


  1. Cutie Mark Espionage Agency (cancelled) – EQD
  2. Baking for Humble Pie (cancelled)
  3. All of a Fluttershy – EQD

To Write For Love of Writing · 1:58pm Jun 1st, 2018

Blog Number 40: "Stop and Smell the Roses" Edition

:twilightsmile: Hello once again, my fellow writers! Impossible Numbers here with a minor update on my progress.

True, May could have gone better: 28,369 words written in total last month, and no stories published. :applejackunsure: At least I think I know what I'm doing wrong; in my haste to keep up the standard, I've been neglecting an important principle of mine...

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Blue Chameleons and Metal Gear Crises: A Plot Twist and a Backstory · 12:00pm Feb 20th, 2019

Blog Number 53: Blue Chameleon VI Edition

On Wednesday 8th February 2017, around the time Lapidify received a review on Loganberry's Louder Yay blog - and for reasons that currently escape me - I revived my first ever username, for use in an alt account: Blue Chameleon. (Later renamed Blue Chameleon VI, just because.)

That account's going down. Soon.

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Meet the Coronavirus Family: Viruses, Virus Groups, and SARS-CoV-2 in Context · 5:30pm March 27th

Blog Number 72: "Where Did That Coronavirus Come From?" Edition

Did you know, for instance, that "coronavirus" in scientific terms describes a family of viruses? The current strain is known as SARS-CoV-2, but what does that jumble of letters mean, and why "2"? And why's "COVID-19" tossed into the mix as well?

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That's alright.

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No thanks, or at least not at the moment. Just frankly not feeling particularly motivated to do so at present.

Thank you for thinking of me, all the same, and I wish your group good luck.

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, friend!

Ah, yes. I hadn't made the connection that you were the one that Carabas ran across (he commented on my blog post). Thank you for including my post, and I hope that we can get along.


I stumbled across your account whilst gathering a list of blog posts for my Blog Number 79. That's where we crossed paths recently. In fact, that's also why I followed you; I was impressed by your blog post enough to want to keep an eye on - and associate with - yourself.

Thanks for watching. If I may ask, what brought you my way? Your username is familiar, but I don't recall from exactly where...


Good on you, mate! Hope you have a great time writing new stories. It can be a real blast if you get every part of the process working just right. :ajsmug:

Thanks, now all I need to do is actually publish a new story so my page isn't all just blogs.


It was my pleasure. Your last blog post was very well-spoken (well, very well-written, I should say). Good on you, mate. :rainbowdetermined2:

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