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  • A Cup of Joe Our Pony Joe runs his doughnut shop, chats with his regulars...and lives in the shadow of a memory. by The Descendant 17,431 words · 8,188 views · 912 likes · 13 dislikes
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  • The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments Sweetie Belle must find Twilight by travelling through different Fanfic worlds... by Wanderer D 451,939 words · 34,742 views · 3,010 likes · 59 dislikes
  • Whip and Wing Daring Do & Indiana Jones battle each others' enemies in a race to save their worlds and themselves. by Fernin 55,000 words · 18,232 views · 1,509 likes · 26 dislikes

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  • Eights Week Princess Celestia, forced to endure yet another tedious major event, reminisces over much better times. by Impossible Numbers 1,685 words · 324 views · 39 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Hive Versus Hive Seabreeze wants nothing more than to stay at home and relax with his family. But after his lucky escape from the Big World of the ponies, he's gained some unwelcome attention, and not just from overawed Breezie neighbours... by Impossible Numbers 46,644 words · 189 views · 15 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Practical Nightmares Only Golden Harvest always takes pains to be the sensible one for others, but that's easier said than done when Muffins has something "ambitious" planned for Nightmare Night. by Impossible Numbers 9,608 words · 446 views · 23 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Splash Dash Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and the one and only Rainbow Dash chill out in the river, and thrash out a silly story amongst themselves while doing it. by Impossible Numbers 9,822 words · 789 views · 44 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Villainy Abroad Two henchmares-for-hire, Carmine and Vanilla, are out on yet another assignment for some artefact or other. It was supposed to be just another routine "pick-up", but then henchmares don't have the best job security in the world. by Impossible Numbers 20,390 words · 117 views

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  • An Old Tale in a New World At this turning point of history, a new frontier is colonized from across the seas. One orange farmer's foal is stolen away, and a new tale arises when three unlikely creatures all meet at the Duende Inn. by Impossible Numbers 12,558 words · 186 views
  • Diminished When the Queen of the Changelings refuses to stick her neck out for a dying soldier, Moulder’s passionate love drives her beyond convention to seek a deal with the dreaded Sorceress, who seems more interested in a fairy tale from long ago. by Impossible Numbers 9,576 words · 219 views · 11 likes · 0 dislikes
  • The Last of Lapis Lazuli Lazuli is just another slave, one of many of the Crystal Empire. Her king keeps her fellow ponies safe from a dangerous foe, or so it seems. Yet, her treasonous thoughts refuse to lie, and there's only one other she can turn to for one last talk by Impossible Numbers 4,566 words · 619 views · 21 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Laurels The crystal ponies have captured a trespassing diamond dog, but for Electra, there's more at stake here than simply wondering how best to treat an old pest in a new world... by Impossible Numbers 4,358 words · 1,078 views · 52 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Monster Catchers Jitters the donkey is a professional monster catcher in his village, but doesn't take well to the news that his next commission involves teaming up with a newcomer from the city against a particularly tricky customer. by Impossible Numbers 5,317 words · 257 views · 10 likes · 1 dislikes

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Character Tags! 209 Freshly Listed Character Tags! Get Your Hyperlinked Character Tags Right Here! They're Lovely! · 5:33pm May 1st

Blog Number 28: Hyperactive Hyperlinks Edition

Four months down, eight to go…

:ajbemused: Firstly, a minor correction: two blog posts ago, I claimed that Beautiful Lives* was the first fic of mine ever to be featured. Petalback proves me wrong, slipping under the radar much earlier than I had expected.

* Which, by the way, shares its title with a recent independent movie. For what it's worth on a public fanfiction site where I'm shamelessly appropriating corporate creations for personal non-profit amusement**, I swear this is sheer coincidence.

** Well, OK, not entirely shamelessly. This is why I never put disclaimers in my fics; it should be obvious to the meanest intelligence they won't do jack if the worst comes to the legal worst. Besides, they look so tacky. Who else but me thinks they look so tacky?

Read More

Report Impossible Numbers · 156 views · Story: Petalback ·

Princesses, Prompts, Private Pansy, and a Plethora of Pretty Pictures · 1:48pm April 3rd

Blog Number 27: A Spring In My Step Edition

Quarterly Report 2017. Three months down, nine to go...

Season Seven is on the horizon, as is a movie that isn't about anthropomorphs unless you count the cat. I dare say that, at the very least, there will be some episodes in Season Seven which I will treasure, and who knows? Maybe the movie will be a spectacular success, though I personally suspect it'll be slightly above average at best, with possibly one or two gem moments.

As you can guess, overall I don't find myself particularly enthused about either. What little has been leaked makes me think "meh" or "oh dear, it's becoming the Starlight Glimmer show".* Given the autonomy of the fandom and the strength of the earlier works**, they both seem like courtesy details at this point.

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Report Impossible Numbers · 91 views · Story: Metal Celestia ·
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Feelin' good, fellow user, and yourself? That Time Action Gory Challenge oversight was more an acute case of "Eh, I'll Do It Later" Syndrome than anything else, a common if unhelpful affliction. It's happily fixed as of now.

So how have you been doing? I was looking at the "Time Action Glory Challenge!" forum and saw that "The Stats of the Tags" had not been updated for June. Is this because of personal calamity, or more from forgetfulness?


No worries. I'd been wondering about White Lightning's tag ever since it appeared on the list, and when I discovered she hadn't really garnered much fandom interest before now, I thought I'd fill a vacant niche and try my hand at a little characterization exercise. After all, the fandom's done more with less before now.

By the way, I'm part of a group dedicated to giving underused character tags some more attention: Time Action Glory Challenge. Whatever ideas you have for White Lightning or for anyone else, they could be realized during one of our prompt challenges, or they can be written any time at your leisure. It might be right up your alley, if you'd like to join in.

I just saw your latest story, White Lightning and the Elite Pony, pop up somewhere in my feed.

Before I get around to reading it, I just want to say:

Someone finally posted a story using the White Lightning character tag! :yay:

Unfortunately, I couldn't really come up with any story ideas for her myself yet, but I've kinda been looking forward to seeing her tag used for a while now... :twilightsheepish:

New Benchmark: 100 Followers as of Friday 10th February 2017, yay! :yay:

Now get me another hundred. :ajsmug:


No worries. I found it through the Royal Canterlot Library. For a short fic, it packs some impressive psychological insight, social commentary, and atmosphere-building into a simple thousand words or so. Good stuff. :ajsmug:

Well, thank you for the following. I'm glad you liked A Good Filly:twilightsmile:

2368567 Ah, thank you so much. And happy holidays! :twilightsheepish:


You're welcome. The Legend of the Gift Horses contained some fascinating ideas, and was an entertaining read. Thank you for writing it. :twilightsmile:

Ah, thank you for the favorite! ;3

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