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Impossible Numbers

Don't give up… unless you're being stupidly stubborn. Don't give in… unless you're being hopelessly unhelpful. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to back down. Above all, learn a little strategy.

Fics By Year of Publication, 2011-2018


  1. Zip and Zing and Azaleas Too
  2. Now The Wind Has Changed Forever
  3. Lure of the Flower (incomplete)
  4. Sell Me A Lemon (incomplete)
  5. When Space Met Time
  6. Dame Trixie and the Countess of Wyrd (incomplete)
  7. Impossible Numbers' Flashfic Anthology, Volume One
  8. Eldritch Fun Times


  1. Upside-Down Cake (incomplete)
  2. A Very Merry Commission
  3. Why the Gift is Given
  4. The Science of Hugging (incomplete)
  5. Didgeridoo (incomplete)
  6. Thieves, Spirits, and Romantics (incomplete)
  7. Knitting Encouragement
  8. Here Comes the New God
  9. Rarity's Genesis
  10. Sunset in the Otherworld
  11. Unworthy of the Sun – EQD
  12. The Mare in the Magic Hat (incomplete)
  13. The Nightmare Stigma (incomplete)
  14. Valuable Time, or Dolce Far Niente
  15. Metal Celestia (incomplete)
  16. Transient
  17. Beautiful Lives
  18. As Winter Dies, So Spring Is Born
  19. The Web Untangled – EQD
  20. Stinging The Trail – EQD
  21. Raven Night School – EQD
  22. The Icing on the Hearth's Warming Cake
  23. White Lightning and the Elite Pony
  24. Petalback (incomplete)
  25. Her Song of Jubilation
  26. Friends of the Ponies


  1. Eights Week
  2. Floral Issues
  3. Magical Deathmatch (incomplete)
  4. Hive Versus Hive – EQD
  5. Practical Nightmares Only – EQD
  6. Splash Dash – EQD
  7. Villainy Abroad
  8. The Literary Hypothesis
  9. Work and Play – EQD
  10. Banal Evil
  11. Lapidify: To See And Die – EQD
  12. Rejuvenation
  13. The King and the Changeling – EQD
  14. Rise of the Solar Wind – EQD
  15. Windbags
  16. Southern Front


  1. Diminished
  2. An Old Tale in a New World




  1. Braeburn's Ambition
  2. The Adventure of the Five Apple Cores
  3. Laurels (incomplete)
  4. Rarity Ever After (incomplete)
  5. Monster Catchers (incomplete)
  6. Insecta Non Grata (incomplete)
  7. The Last of Lapis Lazuli (incomplete)
  8. Pinkamena Diane Pie


  1. Flitter's Night
  2. Jungle Tricks
  3. Redstreak Jack: Orchards of Time (incomplete)
  4. One Apple Short (In Which Twilight Learns Never To Underestimate An Apple Tree)
  5. Dare To Be Awesome (incomplete)
  6. Griffon a Load of Bull
  7. Horse Apple Turnover
  8. The Campaign for Extra Trixie, and other unlikely experiments (incomplete)
  9. Through the Eyes of the Hurricane – EQD


  1. Cutie Mark Espionage Agency (incomplete) – EQD
  2. Baking for Humble Pie (cancelled)
  3. All of a Fluttershy – EQD

Stories which have been accepted by Equestria Daily and which I think are the most polished fanfics I've written so far, excluding ones written for contests (for those, see below).

HIVE VERSUS HIVE is arguably my crowning achievement of 2016; a novella depicting the world of the breezies and the unexpected social and political consequences of Seabreeze's struggle to get home. It's one of the most ambitious pieces I've ever tried, and while I hope to go further in future long fics, I'm extremely pleased with the way this one came together.

PRACTICAL NIGHTMARES ONLY was my take on the Carrot-Derpy-Dinky dynamic with a Nightmare Night twist, written in the style of the show (or so I like to imagine). The characters were a lot of fun to write for, and I have plans to come back to them in future stories and try new ideas and settings with them. So should that ever come to pass, this is the fic that started it all.

RAVEN NIGHT SCHOOL combined three things: a character exploration for someone who didn't seem to get much attention at the time; a chance to use some neat "sleep science" I'd picked up here and there; and a cheer for the Dark Is Not Evil trope that also looks at isolation and self-identity.

UNWORTHY OF THE SUN was an experiment in worldbuilding, casting Celestia as part of a pantheon of gods and Sunset as one of her most devoted - and conflicted - worshippers. Romance is not usually my genre of choice, so the emphasis here is mainly on the inner demons of the two characters, their history together, and the strong emotions that these experiences evoke.

THE WEB UNTANGLED was a tribute to many things: to some much-maligned creatures; to a spectacular BBC nature series I much love; to Fluttershy, obviously; and to both the laid-back, contemplative slice-of-life genre and the speculative, playful "xenofiction" genre. Both a look at the wonderful world of spiders, and a consideration of how even two alien outlooks can still find some common ground, if they give it enough time and patience.

Museum of Unnatural History: Free Admission


60,000 Words Again, But Still Not Publishing (Most Of) Them · 11:15pm February 15th

Blog Number 36: "Explaining the Radio Silence" Edition

On the to-do list at the moment is Ceffyl Dwr's Pinkie Pie Collaboration. It really is his project, since he's worked so hard to keep it going (and to keep us going, into the bargain).

So sadly, shamefully, I must report that, after a promising planning stage, I've stalled on both my chapters. Their current status is: planned but unwritten.

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Saying "Thank You" the Long Way Round · 5:03pm February 1st

Blog Number 35: Modus Operandi Edition

In the past week, I have - on three entirely separate occasions - not only been mentioned in positive terms, but been described, sometimes literally, as "underappreciated".

I did not respond at the time because, frankly, I had no certain idea of how to do so. Not properly. A simple "thank you" is not qualified for the job.

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2018: The (Hopefully Superior) Sequel to 2017 · 12:14pm January 1st

Blog Number 34: Recalibration Edition

I'll say this in favour of 2017; so far, it's been my most productive year for writing. I've produced 26 fics - of which 18 are complete - and given a huge boost to Magical Deathmatch of roughly 35,000 words. That's about 370,000 published words total, or roughly 1,000 words per day. Neat! :twilightsmile:

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I'm very good at coincidences, which would be more impressive if it wasn't blind, dumb luck. :raritywink: Also, now I'm very interested in seeing what you come up with. "Thoroughly different" is one of my favourite flavours.


Merci beaucoup, tout le monde, though insert here my usual point that a follow generally means I should be thanking you for writing or doing interesting things. So thank you, of course!


In any case, it was long overdue, but you can thank Daring Do and the Wailing Mountain for being the wake-up call. Am interested in seeing what you come up with next time.

Thanks again, everyone, for the comments, and apologies for the delay! :scootangel:

tyvm for the watch! :twilightsmile:

To what do I owe this Impossible follow? :raritywink:

For some reason I’m not following you. I’ll remedy that!

Thanks for the follow!

Hey thanks a lot for the follow! Have a “hey i thought I was already following that guy” follow in return

Guess I did more right than I thought if that old thing is still remembered all these years later, heh.

If ever you pick up writing again, and I'll confess I hope you do,

So, congratulations on throwing a dart at the wall, and through sheer chance, having it land within two weeks of a six year hiatus being broken without any public indication whatsoever. :rainbowderp:

No idea when it'll be done, but I'm a few thousand words into something new, albeit in a thoroughly different vein than the old story. And if I can finish that, I've got a list of other projects waiting in the wings.


I remember enjoying your story a way back, but neglected to add you to my "followed" list at the time. If ever you pick up writing again, and I'll confess I hope you do, I'm ready and waiting for it.

Also, don't thank me. You wrote the fic. :pinkiesmile:

Not sure what caught your attention, but... thanks? :twilightsheepish:


Good grief was it tough to narrow it down. It doesn't help most of my works are of a hefty size anyway, which makes it harder to represent certain genres under the word limit. Romance, for instance, is nigh impossible when the shortest fic is 10.4k words long.

Anyway, now I've done so. These stories are complete, none are longer than 10k words, and I've largely tried to select for quality (which rules out a lot of my oldest works). The lucky candidates are:

  1. Diminished - (Dark, Drama, Sad), 2015, 9.6k
  2. Knitting Encouragement - (Slice of Life), 2017, 5k
  3. Eights Week - (Slice of Life), 2016, 1.7k

Hopefully, that should represent a broad range of genres*, years, and story lengths to good effect.

* I'm aware the last two have the exact same genre types, but the former is more serious and uncertain, whereas the latter is more comedic and nostalgic. Also, the main protagonists have vastly different ages, social ranks, and experiences, so the reading should be considerably different.

I mean, most of my stories are under 2,000 words, so our definitions may vary. But let’s say a total of 17,000 words or less for the combined three stories. Roughly.

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