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Impossible Numbers

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying, And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying."


Limestone Pie is more than a little annoyed to discover a budding archaeologist wants to try her luck at their rock farm, but nevertheless takes it upon herself to look after the kid. And to make sure she stays the hell away from Holder's Boulder.

Entry for Writeoff FiM Short Story Round, Event 87. Prompt: The Other Side.

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Ah, what a delightful slice of life. Great casting used well. Fun and light but with lots of resonance between the characters.

You’ve earned this: :moustache:

And maybe metamorphic: she kept changing her mind on that.


This was great! The world needs more Limestone Pie, and this was a wonderful portrayal of her. I hope you feel like writing more of her in future stories :twilightsmile:

Was the bit about seeing the world a Roam Springa reference?

This was really well-done. A wonderful slice of life story, and a nice look into Limestone's character.

8962703 Pshhh, the world can toughen up and deal with it!

I love this! We need more Pie family stories!

Wonderful stuff... even if this continues the whole "conflating archeology and paleontology" thing. Still, loved every moment of Petunia eroding Limestone's resentment and suspicion. (And I can't help but wonder what it says when a pony named after sedimentary rock—a sedimentary rock that isn't even made from other rocks—so loathes the stuff.) Thank you for this.

Author Interviewer

Ugh, I love Limestone so much. :heart:

Intrigued by the premise. Will read when I have time.

I love it when this website ejaculates something original!

Thank you for this, dear author.


I think i kind if hate Limestone


I get her. She's the one who is going to have to step up and run the farm, possibly alone, while two of her sisters achieve wild success beyond. (And note that Marble is the one Limestone doesn't fight with).

Sweet. Funny in the beginning. It was nice to see her gradually soften.

A truly amazing story, and a proud addition to this Group.

Wait, I’m confused: are you the author, or is this one of your alts?


Blue Chameleon VI was an alt of mine. However, I ran out of uses for the account, so I asked a mod to move the stories to this account instead.

Blue Chameleon comments preserved post-deletion:


My first moustache! :raritystarry: Cheers!


I don't think the world can handle too much Limestone. She'd drive it insane within a week. But it'd be fun to watch, at least.

As for the "Roam Springa" reference: not to Pascoite's fic itself, but I did get the idea independently from the common understanding of Amish Rumspringa. Ponified here, naturally.


Thanks! I aim to please. :pinkiehappy:

Enduring Man-Child

Truer words have never been spoken. And ta for the comment! :eeyup:


I figured I'd just roll with the archaeology-palaeontology mix-up, but I'm not gonna lie: I winced when I heard that line in the episode. I guess it can be salvaged, but this didn't strike me as the fic to make that case.

Didn't even notice that limestone-Limestone implication originally, but man I like the way you think... :pinkiehappy:


Come one, come all! There's enough Limestone here for everybody!

I kid, I kid. They haven't written enough fics for there to be enough Limestone. Still, glad you liked this one. :rainbowdetermined2:


Thanks! Glad you liked it. :pinkiesmile:


You're welcome! Thanks for adding. :twilightsmile:

rock jelly that only wobbled under tectonic pressure.

Only got this far and I already know I'm in good hands.

Never take your bedrock forgranite.

“Any weirdo who digs up dead bones for a living deserves any weirdo cutie mark they get.”

Yeah! Non-weirdos dig up live bones for a living!

The filly is also in that Pillar Episode with AJ!
what a great detail :D

If brown and grey were acceptable colours, then the place was a kaleidoscope. Of dull.

Ouf... But yeah. It is the most depressing place I can think of

Aw, Limestone made a friend.:twilightsmile:

It wasn’t fair. She was past the age when they ought to be dictating to her what was going to happen.

As you never reach that age you can never get past it.:rainbowlaugh:

Sometimes, Mom and Dad didn’t need to use words. A look would be enough.

Still, Limestone was growing out of their influence.

Keep telling yourself that.:pinkiehappy:

At last: Limestone’s brain clicked into place. She’d found solid ground.

“History buff, huh?” she said. Archaeology was mucky, but history. Well, history was something else.

Common ground.


"Ugh, fine, whatever, just stay away from the boulder!" :pinkiecrazy:

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