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Aren't We All A Bit Devious? :heart:

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Month Of May The Profile Will Be Run By Mrs.Cake. A.K.A- Cupcake.

Welcome to our family bakery.

Here the whole family is hard at work creating new and wonderful stories for your pallet. No two stories will ever be the same and we ensure a wide range of genres to keep things fresh.

I'm Mrs.Cake but you may call me cupcake if you'd like dear.

Much like my namesake I adore all things sweet! Be sure to check in for nice fluffy pieces that are sure to please. They might be bite size but we all need to watch our figures sometimes right?

I do ensure even though they might be short, they will always pack a punch.

Please check back often for new sweets added to the store, I'm sure you will find something you like here.

Hugs and Kisses, Cupcake.


Get Excited! · 5:52am March 14th

I'm working on a new project right now, it's going to hopefully turn out fine.

I've found a newfound love for EQG TF Stories, going to mostly be working on those for a tiny bit.

Canterlot Adventures a wonderful community, I'm proud to be part of!

My new idea is a different type of Displaced Fic, revolving around a certain Juniper Montage!

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Good morning (or afternoon, depending on what time you read this)!

Ok, that profile pic is so cute.:yay:


OK. Thanks for telling me!

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