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Welcome to Pony Paradise.

A quaint little house.

Each day run by a new hostess, her main focus is to keep you happy.

Cuddles aplenty, snuggles, and even belly rubs!

Boop the snoot and scritch those ears!

An Cuddle A Day, Keeps The Sadness Away!

This Story Will Be Updated Daily, But Only For A Month!

Enjoy Spending Time With Your Hostesses!

Monday. Twilight's Quiet Time. :twilightsmile:

Tuesday. Rainbow's Exercise Routine. :rainbowkiss:

Wednesday. Fluttershy's Animal Cuddle Session. :yay:

Thursday. Pinkie's Cooking Class! :pinkiehappy:

Friday. Rarity's Fashion Show! :raritywink:

Saturday. Trixie's Showmare Secrets. :trixieshiftright:

Sunday. Mystery Cuddle Guest!

For Sunday's Secret Pony, Simply Vote In The Comments!

Highest Vote Will Summon The Pony For Sunday!

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Comments ( 33 )

🤷🏼‍♂️ Bulk Biceps, I guess?

Please do Rainbow Dash next!!

Lol, she is next!

Tuesday's are her Exercise Routines!

YES!!! Im gonna rub her belly so hard she'll have a bald spot where her belly button is!! Merry Christmas!:pinkiehappy:

You need to make Fluttershy's chapter a little Christmas themed, since Wednesday is Christmas.

I'd love to see Blossomforth get some recognition cuddled.

Cute story. As for Sunday's pony... I'd say Sunset Shimmer.

This is actually surprisingly cute, and I feel like could actually work for someone needing to feel cared for. As for a mystery special guest, perhaps a princess double feature.

Since Misty already picked Sunset Shimmer, my vote for Sunday's Pony is.................. Mage Meadowbrook <3 :heart:

Reason why: In honor of my 24th story that was devoted to her X3

I wonder if her belly would make a good pillow.

This is Adorable. I can't wait till tomorrow.

Comment posted by Gundamfan deleted Dec 27th, 2019

Why thank you, I just want to write something that's cozy and adorable.

I sometimes feel a bit lonely myself, and the mere act of just having company lights up my life.

It's that warm emotional snuggle, I hope everybody feels, at least once in their lives.

I vote Octavia for Sunday. Although im not sure if she'll appreciate belly rubs.

Exercise can result in soreness. You think Dash would give a little massage?

This is sooooo sweet. Instant favorite. I wish you could favorite certain chapters.

I am loving this story. So sweet and innocent.

Either Sunset Shimmer or Starlight Glimmer

Why use Trixie and not Starlight Glimmer?

oh my goodness this is cute. I hope this will be continued someday.

I'm surprised to see that this story has a lack of attention. This is indeed an incredible story. And this needs a lot of attention.

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