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Welcome to Pony Paradise.

A quaint little house.

Each day run by a new hostess, her main focus is to keep you happy.

Cuddles aplenty, snuggles, and even belly rubs!

Boop the snoot and scritch those ears!

An Cuddle A Day, Keeps The Sadness Away!

This Story Will Be Updated Daily, But Only For A Month!

Enjoy Spending Time With Your Hostesses!

Monday. Twilight's Quiet Time. :twilightsmile:

Tuesday. Rainbow's Exercise Routine. :rainbowkiss:

Wednesday. Fluttershy's Animal Cuddle Session. :yay:

Thursday. Pinkie's Cooking Class! :pinkiehappy:

Friday. Rarity's Fashion Show! :raritywink:

Saturday. Trixie's Showmare Secrets. :trixieshiftright:

Sunday. Mystery Cuddle Guest!

For Sunday's Secret Pony, Simply Vote In The Comments!

Highest Vote Will Summon The Pony For Sunday!

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🤷🏼‍♂️ Bulk Biceps, I guess?

Please do Rainbow Dash next!!

Lol, she is next!

Tuesday's are her Exercise Routines!

YES!!! Im gonna rub her belly so hard she'll have a bald spot where her belly button is!! Merry Christmas!:pinkiehappy:

You need to make Fluttershy's chapter a little Christmas themed, since Wednesday is Christmas.

I'd love to see Blossomforth get some recognition cuddled.

This is actually surprisingly cute, and I feel like could actually work for someone needing to feel cared for. As for a mystery special guest, perhaps a princess double feature.

Since Misty already picked Sunset Shimmer, my vote for Sunday's Pony is.................. Mage Meadowbrook <3 :heart:

Reason why: In honor of my 24th story that was devoted to her X3

I wonder if her belly would make a good pillow.

Comment posted by Gundamfan deleted Dec 27th, 2019

Why thank you, I just want to write something that's cozy and adorable.

I sometimes feel a bit lonely myself, and the mere act of just having company lights up my life.

It's that warm emotional snuggle, I hope everybody feels, at least once in their lives.

I vote Octavia for Sunday. Although im not sure if she'll appreciate belly rubs.

Exercise can result in soreness. You think Dash would give a little massage?

Either Sunset Shimmer or Starlight Glimmer

Why use Trixie and not Starlight Glimmer?

oh my goodness this is cute. I hope this will be continued someday.

I'm surprised to see that this story has a lack of attention. This is indeed an incredible story. And this needs a lot of attention.

Esto está tan cerca de pasar a un clop fic que lo abandono.

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