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Hello, I'm Dee And I've Been Called Quirky!


My name was Adam Crune.

I mysteriously woke up to find, I was somehow transformed into Apple Bloom!

Though it's not all rainbows and magic...

Being a Pony in a Human's world, is a most frightening thing.

Will I ever find my place in this world?

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Yer not the only one, ya know...

Did you turn into Apple Bloom too?

Read 'An Apple a Day' for more information.

An Apple a Day is a collaborative where humans purchase MLP merchandise or acquire some sort of associated merchandise of that character and become that character in Equestria Girls style (humanized versions of the mlp cast). The human is then 'displaced' as that character and attends the CHS school (or Crystal Prep). They deal with making friends, Equestrian Magical Events (EM2 events as they call it, like the Dazzlings from Rainbow Rocks to finding an Equestrian artifact that bestows power upon them only for them to be corrupted by it or abusing its power like Wallflower's Memory stone or Juniper Montage's mirror, Valencia Vignette's phone app, etc.

so this Apple Bloom won't be able to talk and just be a normal little filly who makes horse noises?

She'll gain speech.

Just a bit later on in the story! :ajsmug:

Is she/he going to be teleported to equestria? I will it take place on earth? Love the story tho keep it up

Most of this story will be earth based.

But Equestria will become a setting, far later.

Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next chapter

I can easily see the dad getting very violent very fast

Is it somehow tied to Equestria?

The changes are linked to Equestria.

Will apple bloom get her Cutie Mark and maybe meet Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo (and also interact with her pony family and friends). Maybe enroll with Miss Cheerilee's class to learn about pony history and culture, etc.

I don't need it...

No I definitely need it.

Plz update :raritydespair:

Noice to see this back.

“No, she's my little pony.” I felt my mother's lips lovingly place a kiss on my forehead.

HA! She said it!:rainbowlaugh:

Here's something to laugh at.

Update or is this another dead story?

Another soul to ferry to the afterlife ,perhaps you wanna stick around for revenge or is reincarnation in a new land what you seek.

That's what I imagine are the choices going on here

“Late night, hmm?” Dad sighed from the hallway in a deep melancholy voice.

Aaaand now you need to get the ladder. :ajbemused::ajsmug:

Ending left me confused. Is she dead?

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