• Published 24th Dec 2019
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A Cuddle A Day - Devious Dazzle

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Wednesday. Fluttershy's Secret Holiday Cuddles.

You could hear the peculiar sound of jingle bells ringing out from the quaint little house down the street. The once sunny sky over the home now a soft bundle of grey clouds, snowflakes daintily dancing down to the earth below.

This was beyond amazing to behold. The snow was encasing your destination in a blanket of pure white bliss, you began to walk ever closer in excitement. What possible surprise could be awaiting you inside such a magical place, taking a deep breath you twisted the knob opening the door wide.

Inside the buttery scent of freshly baked cookies wafted across the air. Presents of every color imaginable covered the tiny room as if a Christmas explosion went off. In the corner of the room, a fluffy yellow pegasus was bent over near the oven, you watched her feminine pink tail sway softly.

Fluttershy swiftly turned around wearing bright pink hoof-mitts. A large tray of sugar cookies held in front of her, both of her cheeks burning a bright pink hue.

She wore a note around her swan-like neck, tied with a long red silk ribbon.

The note reading…

“Wednesday appointments hosted by Fluttershy.
Um, yay? “

“Oh my, I didn't hear the door open,” Fluttershy spoke in barely a whisper.

“I hope, I'm not intruding?” You spoke almost equally shy in return.

“Of course not! ~ Just during the holidays most of my little friends are well…” Fluttershy giggled softly before the thunderous snore of a grizzly bear erupted from outside the tiny house.

“Oh, hibernating?” You ran a hand through your hair laughing.

“I hope you don't mind, though a few are still awake. ~ Right Angel?” Fluttershy turned around nudging a very sleepy bunny on the yellow kitchen counter awake.

His little paws swatting the pony away quite annoyed, before clocking out once more. You couldn't help but snicker a bit, the little pegasus placing her cookies atop a small wooden table near an open window to cool. Before you knew it she trotted over, cuddling expertly under your arm giving a soft melodic squee.

“I've come prepared though, these presents might just hold woodland surprises!” Fluttershy winked slyly, quick to pounce across the room grabbing a slightly oversized green gift.

You decide to play along, following your hostess to the sea of multicolored boxes. You soon kneeled down at her side, the mare giving you the gift overflowing with joy. Shaking the box playfully you couldn't quite hear a sound, eyes flashing over to Fluttershy who hid her smile behind a dainty hoof.

Slowly opening the present with care. You spotted a large fluffy teddy bear within, his muzzle flashing a large playful smile. Laughing you gave the toy a firm squeeze, hearing a high-pitched squeak ring across the room.

“A grizzly!” You smirked watching Fluttershy nod along.

“Mm-hmm! Since you couldn't meet the real one today, I thought that cutie might suffice.” Fluttershy leans inward as you reach a handout, petting her long silken mane tenderly.

The mare cooing in a lovely tune. Ears twitching playfully as she reached over unwrapping a light blue box, hooves gently lifting a cute pair of turtle doves out into the open. “These are my favorite, you're supposed to share them with someone special.” Fluttershy delicately clipped one dove into her mane.

Without a moment to lose the mare gently pulls in closer to you. Her soft gentle hooves clipping the other dove into the front of your shirt. You happily scooped the pegasus into your arms giving her a big hug, Fluttershy's body so soft like a plushie in her own right.

You could feel her tail swishing side to side. Her tiny muzzle gently nuzzling the side of your neck in a feminine manner, you felt yourself getting lost in those large turquoise colored eyes. Rolling over on the floor you enjoyed the pony cuddling close, her head resting on your chest listening to the calm beat of your heart.

“You're my special friend.” You whispered in her ear playfully.

Fluttershy blushed bright pink, lifting both hooves over her face embarrassed. Your heart melting at the sweet sight of this innocent creature, you firmly scritched under her chin letting your fingers enjoy the soft feel of her silky coat.

The pegasus cooed scrunching her muzzle in delight. The room growing extra cozy on this cool winter day, the warmth of your hearts allowing the light in the room to shimmer that much brighter. Fluttershy was a simple little pony by design, she wasn't fussy nor the type to tease by any means.

You wanted to cuddle with her forever, Fluttershy happily allowing just this. You both spent a lazy afternoon snuggling together in front of a lovely orange fireplace. Each of you taking turns in sharing joyous little memories, or giving each other tender embraces. Time almost seemed to float by on a lazy cloud of love, soon the whole room littered in cute adorable stuffed animals.

Fluttershy sure knew how to make the holidays cozy. It didn't need to be flashy or even detailed for that matter. She was perfectly happy in just enjoying the smaller things in life, the simple happiness that company could bring a person or equine.

You knew deep inside your heart, this was exactly what you needed. A day full of laughter with a nice friend, an afternoon brimming with silly lighthearted fun, and of course the wonderful taste of freshly baked cookies.

As you both cuddled under a mistletoe drinking tiny mugs of hot cocoa, you began to grin from ear to ear. Leaning forward you gave the little pony a soft Eskimo kiss on the snoot. Fluttershy nearly squealing like a school filly, to your surprise she lifted her hoof up, biting down on her lower lip.

She booped your nose in delight.

Laughter soon danced across the open sky outside.

This day was certainly filled with the gift of time, the time spent with those you loved.

Indeed, the sweetest gift of all.