• Published 24th Dec 2019
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A Cuddle A Day - Devious Dazzle

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Tuesday. Rainbow's Exercise Routine!

You couldn't help but notice the morning air was beyond chilly. The sun graced the world below in a loving embrace, you could feel an echo of warmth lick your cheek. To be completely honest this was the first time you've ever been up this early.

Walking over to the quaint little house ready to start a new adventure in cuddling, you suddenly fell to the ground with a dull thud. A bright red apple on the sidewalk accidentally tripped you, yet before your mood could be soured.

Quite a sight spread brightly over the pastel blue sky.

A wave of rainbows danced across the heavens in a ballet of joy. You could just smile getting lost in the multicolored lights, everything once dull or grey now bursting at the seams with color. Rainbow Dash suddenly flew over the distance from behind the tiny house, her coat was poofed out adorably from her recent high-speed flight.

Unlike Twilight who gently walked over.

Rainbow merely pounced on you, as soon as her hooves touched the cement sidewalk.

It was amazing, the tiny pegasus pinned you to the ground. Yet she felt as light as a feather, her coat like touching pure cotton that was sprinkled in velvet. You, of course, couldn't help yourself to pet the cutie down her back, her tail instantly lifting high enjoying the attention.

You gave the pegasus a few more gentle strokes, Rainbow giggling as she scrunched her muzzle up against your nose in an Eskimo kiss. Those vibrant sparkling eyes getting lost in your own, you decide to pull out the big guns.

Your fingers crawl behind her ear scritching extra soft, she could only coo both ears pinned back in pleasure. The pegasus melting like butter in your hands, with a laugh you watched her simply topple over onto the soft grass.

Her hooves lifted up cutely hugging your arm tightly. Grinning you rubbed that round tight belly in gentle but firm circles, Rainbow closed her eyes both hind legs kicking in excitement. You were lost in the moment giving her dozens of soft rubs, one hand lifting to softly intertwine her lovely chest floof between your fingers.

“Enough...if ...heehee…” Rainbow rolled away from your grasp giggling.

“Aww, but I had more rubs to give!” You let a pout escape your lips.

“I know, but if we just snuggle all day! ~ Then you won't be able to enjoy my workout session!” Rainbow ran over to you swift as the wind, her tiny hoof booping your snoot.

Honestly, you could just blush at the mere absurdity of such a bold action.

“Workout?” You could already feel your muscles straining.

“Mm-hmm, complete my routine and you'll be… 20% cooler!” Rainbow lifted into the air cutely on feminine wings, holding the door sign in her hoof smugly.

“ Tuesday appointments are hosted by the super totally awesome Rainbow Dash!
Get ready to BURN! “

You gave a loud gulp in reply.

Rainbow bolted behind you wrapping one hoof across your shoulder, much to your surprise giving you a tender squeeze. “We'll start with something easy!” She gave you a loving nuzzle on the neck.

“I...I'm always up for something easy.” Your cheeks blushed a bright red.

“Awesome, let's run five miles!” She flew over to the sidewalk landing, giving a long feminine stretch in place.

Before you could say a word, she was off in a flash. Those delicate hooves galloping off into the horizon at top speed. With barely any time to think you ran after her stumbling every few steps, you weren't the most athletic of people. So anyone watching you helplessly chase after a smug little pegasus, might have gotten a chuckle or two from the sight.

Running down the sidewalk was pure torture. After just thirty minutes of exercise, you could feel your lungs burning with the fire of activity. Rainbow, of course, wasn't nearly as affected by fatigue, when you finally reached her at the local park, she was happily doing wing-ups to pass the time.

“I didn't think you'd come, pokie!” Rainbow giggled flashing a wide grin.

“I just need to catch my breath.” You gasped for just a few sweet tastes of oxygen.

“Breathing is for the weak!” She walked over rubbing her head against your arm.

You smiled thinking she looked like an oversized cat. Her tail lifting higher as it playfully tickled you across the chest, you laughed reaching out to pet her, before she gave you a gentle nip on the fingertips.

“If you want to pet, you must best me!” Rainbow took a defensive stance on the grass those violet eyes burning into your soul.

“Best you?” You stood there confused as ever.

“Yeah, at the contest of champions!” She let a tiny snort escape her nostrils.

“Whaa?” You replied with narrowing eyes.

With a gaze full of shock, you helplessly stood still watching the pegasus make a dash towards you. “Wrestling!” She squealed before tackling you to the soft grass below. You both hit the ground in a cloud of dust, the equine rolling over on top of you, her hooves pinning you down with ease.

You never wrestled a pony in your whole life. So this was quite the experience for you, tugging the little creature around the waist you both began to roll on the grass. Rainbow giggling as she locked both your hands at your side, using just her soft feathered wings.

Indeed she was a challenge. Flipping you over, she had you roll a few feet away in a daze.”Nopony beats, Dash!” Rainbow was quick to gloat standing up on her hind legs, the foolish mare leaving her round tummy exposed.

Collecting your strength you lunged forward, both hands scritching that belly with ferocity. Rainbow squealing out in a high pitched tune, her cheeks burning a bright pink as you began to rub both her belly and chest firmly.

“Nooo!” She gained a dreamy look across her face toppling over on her back, cooing in utter delight.

You took the opening to kneel at her side, scritching under her chin watching her right leg kick wildly. She was melting again in place, you needed to finish her quick before the pegasus regained her strength. Laughing both hands scritched her behind each ear, the mare cooing extra loud.

You scooped the limp mare up in your arm, smiling as you reached out and with boundless confidence.

You booped that tiny blue snoot.

Rainbow blushed with a scrunched muzzle.

She had been bested by a human.

Worse yet, her hooves were now made of jello.

She had no choice but to cuddle your chest, resting quietly in your arms.

You gave a beaming smile as you carried her under a nearby sycamore tree. Though she wouldn't admit it, she looked absolutely spent. Both of you decided to cuddle under the protective branches of the mighty tree, making sure to snuggle and give many Eskimo Kisses.

After all,

This morning had been quite the workout.