• Published 24th Dec 2019
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A Cuddle A Day - Devious Dazzle

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Friday. Rarity's After-hour Meeting.

You woke up late on the cool silent Friday night. Your heart was beating wildly inside your chest like a rampaging stampede. Outside your bedroom window was a star-filled sky sparkling much like flawless diamonds. The lazy dark blue canvas painted in a scene of pure beauty to those who simply sought it out.

You knew sleep wouldn't come anytime soon. Sliding out of bed with a loud sigh you reached for your coat on the floor. You were in dire need of a walk right now, work recently had been a horror show and you couldn't even attend your appointment earlier.

Everything recently just felt like a movie in slow motion. As if you were going through emotions, yet not truly feeling any of them. Outside your window, you spotted the silhouette of a towering tree in the distance, mind racing with a flood of numbing thoughts.

Indeed a walk was needed.

After all, the silence of an empty room could be deafening.

Outside you shuffled along the sidewalk in a daze. Eyes watching the night sky more than the current surroundings. You found the stars so peaceful on nights such as this, a reflection of something still innocent in the world. “Beautiful, aren't they darling?” The feminine voice of elegance incarnate danced joyously across the night sky.

You looked to the right in surprise. A slender snow-white unicorn was sprawled on her backside. Ocean blue eyes watching the ballet of beauty above, her tiny frame nestled in a vibrant patch of healthy grass.

“Sorry.” You replied, both hands digging into your jacket pockets.

“About?” Rarity giggled with a smile.

“Missing my appointment.” You decided to sit on the edge of the sidewalk in defeat.

“Nothing is set in stone. ~ I'm just happy to see you're ok.” Rarity yawned, as she could make out a lovely shooting star race across the sky.

“But it is…” You inhaled sharply with narrowed eyes.

“Everything is set in stone. ~ No matter what you do, everything always ends the same.” You shifted your gaze to the equine behind you sternly.

“Ah, the ending is just the finale to a wonderful show!” Rarity stretched her slender body in place.

The unicorn smiled patting her delicate hoof at her side welcomingly. You didn't know what to do, but deep down you didn't want to be alone. Lifting up you walked over, taking a seat beside the pony as the deafening silence crept back in.

“Do you know what the best part of a Fashion Show is?” Rarity swayed her violet tail in place cutely.

“No, what?” You huffed under your breath.

“The creative process.” Rarity lifted up to her haunches, scrunching her nose in an adorable manner.

“Hmm.” You felt her small hoof stop your own.

“To use your time creating new memories and sharing ideas with friends. ~ I've never been happier, than when bouncing off ideas with my friends.” Rarity gently tracing your cheek tenderly.

“The journey we take to a destination should be a treasure to cherish. ~ Each day a new opportunity to create that one special item.” Her head softly rested on your shoulder.

“What's the item?” You spoke in barely above a whisper.

“That's for you to discover. ~ Something you can't complete if you're always drifting to the end.” Rarity gave your cheek a tiny peck.

“Isn't it after hours?” You wrapped the soothing mare in a tender hug.

“For you, I'm happy to stay up late.” She cuddled against you lovingly with both ears folding back.

Leaning back onto the grass, you cradled the pony in your arms. Both of you watching the stars drift high above you in a dream-like fashion, the once busy world around you seems to fade away. It was nice to leave the world behind, finding a place secluded from the disappointing pain of a cruel world.

Here under the stars felt as if you were transported to a whole new universe. If it were just you two, that would be absolutely fine. Rarity was soothing in the most elegant of ways, her voice mature and full of untainted wisdom.

Silently she placed an ear over your broken heart. Humming a melody in a motherly tone, her thoughts set upon easing your soul and mending your mind. The song enough to help you drift higher into the cosmos above, everything around you weightless as if made of air.

Rarity weaved together a wave of elegant blue magic. Cradling you both in a warm ball of protective light, without a worry stressing your mind the pony let a giggle escape her lips.

“You poor dear, let me fashion you a dream from diamonds.” She leaned forward kissing your forehead sweetly.

The mare wrapped a hoof over your chest. Snuggling in close until her breath was against your neck. Tiny muzzle nuzzling your cheek with love, the world fading more into the abyss with each passing second.

Cupping your cheek with a hoof. Rarity curled into a fluffy little ball on your chest, a silent protector of the night and the most beautiful star amongst the night canvas.

With an odd feeling of falling, you drifted through the abyss. Rarity’s melody guiding you with care and the words of her wisdom creating a newfound sense of purpose inside your soul. The echo of a clock suddenly snapping you back into reality.

You let both eyes drift open. Finding yourself back inside a familiar space, your room cast in the golden rays of sunlight. You felt more at ease now, heart rhythmically beating in a collected fashion. Rarity had shared a dream with you, an idea of enjoying the now and creating love out of what time you had on this earth.

A dream that would never fade.

Sitting up, your eyes gazing out the open window with hope. You couldn't help yourself but smile proudly, the horizon not seeming so endless now.

After all, it was a brand new day.

One you could craft into something beautiful.

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Either Sunset Shimmer or Starlight Glimmer

Why use Trixie and not Starlight Glimmer?

My vote is Princess Luna

oh my goodness this is cute. I hope this will be continued someday.

I'm surprised to see that this story has a lack of attention. This is indeed an incredible story. And this needs a lot of attention.

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