• Published 24th Dec 2019
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A Cuddle A Day - Devious Dazzle

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Monday. Twilight's Quiet Time.

You usually never thought about stopping at Pony Paradise.

It was a quaint little house at the edge of the street.

Lovely little flowers of all varieties were always in bloom around the feminine pastel blue home. The sun always seemed to shine over the little slice of paradise, a true testament to the wonderment that was friendship.

That as long as anybody had a friend, no day was too dark but instead full of warmth and light.

Your heart began to flutter.

You've heard exciting stories about how cuddly and fluffy the ponies were. The floof on their chests extra soft beyond words. A simple smile able to lift all your worries away within seconds. This place indeed sounded like paradise, but were you ready for this type of attention?

Taking a deep breath you walked further down the sidewalk, the grass becoming more and more vibrant the closer you came to the house. Soon cutting up an adorable brick walkway, you stepped up to the pink colored front door.

A tiny sign was posted to the door held by a dainty piece of red string.

“ Monday appointments are held by Ms. Twilight Sparkle.
Please come inside and let all your worries fade away. “

You could feel your hand quiver as it reached for the doorknob in uncertainty. With a soft click, the door creaked open wider, you just prayed that you're not interrupting someone's session. Yet you are pleasantly surprised to see the one-room house completely empty.

Amber waves of sunshine poured through a cute window in the center of the room. Sat upon the clean wooden floor was a lavender colored alicorn, she quietly read a book a dreamy little smile across her muzzle.

Sweetly those large innocent eyes lifted up to meet your own. “Oh, I didn't hear you enter.” She giggled in a soprano voice that dripped with love and acceptance. You didn't know how to reply, she was such a beautiful little creature to behold.

She cantered over to you after delicately flipping her book closed, tail lifting up high bouncing with each step she took. Her coat shimmering as if reflecting the light from the heavens, soon a tiny muzzle caressing over your right hand sweetly.

Instinctively you scratched her behind the ear. Twilight let a cute soft moan escape her lips, ears folding down in delight. You gasped shocked watching the tiny equine roll over on her back, hooves lifting upward curving limply at the edges in a feminine manner.

You knew what to do, kneeling at her side you rubbed that adorable round tummy. Her hind leg kicking cutely, you decided to slyly add a belly scritch. Twilight bursting out into sweet little giggles full of appreciation. You watched her tail sway full of happiness and relaxation.

“What brings you here?” She questioned with an adorkable scrunch of her muzzle.

“I just felt a bit lonely in my life.” You answered truthfully.

What reason did you have to lie?

“Well, here we're all an open book!” Twilight winked playfully upward.

“I can see that.” You felt both cheeks burning a bright red.

“Anytime you need to feel appreciated, you're welcome here.” She lifted up to her hooves and gave a cute squee.

“What if I'm a bit shy about opening up?” You laughed nervously, reaching out to boop her cute snoot.

Twilight blushed her hooves sweetly rubbing her nose. “We encourage opening up at your own rate, it's perfectly fine to just enter and say nothing.” She extended both hooves wrapping you in a large loving embrace.

You could feel your heart melt. The hug was so warm and inviting her coat that of what clouds must feel like. For the first time in a long while, you could feel the weariness of the world lift off your shoulders.

Both arms wrapped around her back tightly. You can't stop yourself from giving her a nice big squeeze! Twilight simply cooing in satisfaction, her muzzle nuzzling your cheek tenderly. Blushing the equine rushed across the room in excitement, breaking the embrace only to pick up a book with her mouth.

You snickered playfully watching the mare bring you the large oversized pink piece of literature. Of course taking it from her happily, watching the little pony curl up on your lap gazing upward blushing ever brighter.

“Could…could you please read to me?” She spoke in a genuinely nervous tune.

Without a second thought, you began to cuddle close to your new friend. Twilight making sure to snuggle up nice and cozy under your arm. The next few hours would just fly by in an instant, you read a story to her about a curious mare who got lost in The Everfree.

She was lead astray by a mischievous changeling who only desired to keep her lost, just because she was lonely. Both quick to become friends of course after the whole thing was explained. Afterwards, you spent some time under the warm rays of sunlight, Twilight suggesting you both take a nice nap together.

You could only smile as she drifted off to slumber, by listening to your heartbeat much like a violet colored little baby. Before you knew what happened, the night was quickly approached. You knew closing time was on the horizon, Twilight suddenly lifting up to give a peck on your cheek.

“I was happy to meet you! ~ I just know the girls will adore you!” Twilight beamed in a joyous attitude, walking you over to the door.

“The girls?” You stammered swallowing a large lump in your throat.

“Mm-hmm! Come back tomorrow, Rainbow Dash will totally give you some exercise!” Twilight spoke giggling as she lifted a hoof over her lips.

“I... would love that.” You replied stepping out into the gentle kiss of the crisp night air.

“Remember, you're never alone. ~ Friends will always be here, to walk you home.” Twilight's eyes were sparkling much like the stars in the sky.

As you began the long walk home.

One usually lonely or silent.

You couldn't stop smiling.

The music the night created was absolutely lovely.