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I've never called myself a brony, now I'm writing mlp fanfiction and enjoying it.

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New Avatar!!! · 10:39pm Sep 25th, 2022

I've spent some time trying to build up my wife's confidence to create art again. This has been a multiple year project, college will kill your passion for what you go to college for. :raritydespair:But recently she offered to make me an actual pony avatar for the site. I had to be gentle about it, I tried to hard like a year ago and scared her off a little:fluttershyouch: but it is here and i love it. She designed my cutie mark, a mug of coffee with books around it. Freaking

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Almost always is in the execution, not the idea. Try it and see what happens. Also, thanks for the watch!

Legitimately, it was so good it made an old story I wanted to try once feel doable. Still don't know if I will, but the idea is nagging me now.

Thanks for the comment and favorite on The Guard of a Different Stripe. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

No problem. I like your stories, (at least one of them at this point), and this site strangely enough has no friend feature. So that how I remember people:twilightsmile:

Hiya! Yea, it's me again:scootangel:
Just thought to pop in and say a massive thank you for the watch! :yay:Really apprece, bud

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