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I've never called myself a brony, now I'm writing mlp fanfiction and enjoying it.

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Mildly freaking out · 6:05pm Oct 18th, 2020

After deciding to dump a dirty i could not figure out how to even start, i had a friend somehow subtly convince me to keep writing it. It is now my very first ever to make it on the "popular" page. I honestly don't know how to react expert to say thanks to everyone who has checked it out. And a big thanks to Doubt for helping me to finish it.

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Yeah, it's cool. Nice reminiscing even if it's with someone I have no real history to reminisce with. One other little tidbit, I had no idea there was a rapper by that name when it became my nickname. I didn't like rap, but my brothers and his friends did and stated using it. I was confused, but liked it. Obviously it has stuck to this day.

Haha, that's an awful lot of similarities for a miss. Must be part of the Nate Dogg archetype.

Nope, sorry. Not ringing any bells. I don't think I went to a fancy enough college to have anyone going on a golf scholarship, and the most people I ever had in a single dorm room/suite was four. Although we did have a few couch surfers from time to time. The guy I hung out with most was names Zach, although he said it was spelled zaque to screw with the RAs and anyone doing community stuff around the dorms. I did have a dorm room to myself my first year though, for some reason my roommate never showed up and they never got aid to filing the gap. That's an interesting coincidence. Also nearly threw someone out, (literally, floor 7 of the turner tower,) because he was hiding his pot in MY stuff. But he never actually got kicked out.

Hm, we did have a Turner Hall, and while we did have a couple dorms that sounded similar to McCowen, nothing exactly that. The Nate I knew I think started the year rooming with a guy named Jay Spargrove who was there on a golf scholarship, but Jay eventually moved out, so Nate had the room to himself for a while. Trying to remember who else was in the suite... Nate/Jay were in the back right room, don't remember who was in the back left, though I think one of them got evicted for pot, front left was Chris and Scott, front left were Ryan and Brian. All the guys in the front rooms did a lot of computer gaming, particularly XWing, Tie Fighter, and Warcraft II.

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