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Alright. I cannot wait to see what you’ve got coming up.

I’m so excited

Thanks for another fav man. Just FYI, I was a fair way through chapters for both of my stories you've faved, so when I do get back to writing it shouldn't take me long to get a chapter of each out

Of course I’d love to have.

Ah come on man. Berating your own work isn't constructive. Neither is comparing it unfavorably to others work, especially work that falls under a completely different category. (You might want to add a tag or two, had no idea what I was walking into. Glad I was doing this at night:twilightoops:)
Just so you know, I rarely like any of my work. I think writing is the first time that isn't true. You have unlimited chances to make it better. And though I'm no expert on that specific genre,:trixieshiftright:, I can offer some creative criticism if you'd like. Let me know and I'll pm you.

Man it’s fantastic I’m right near the end when you’ve had AJ give RD the ring.

It’s so sweet and adorable, god my story is crap compared to two of yours I’ve read so far

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